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Stressed Out Tourist

2008-05-21 07:28:00

Stressed Out Tourist
I realized the other day, people go on vacation because they are very stressed out, then need a vacation, they need to relax, the problem is this.

“A stressed out person in the USA, is a stressed out person on Vacation.”

There is no Geographical Cure, they bring the stress with them, they do not know how to relax, the brought the problem wtih them, they brought themselves.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Blog of Andy HoboTraveler.com ---

Traveler versus Tourist, there is an incredible difference between a people on a six-month trip compared to a person on two week Vacation. The two week Vacation is just relocation of their work ethic, they plan, they work, they run, they are stressed.

I do not want to visit a resort full of stressed out people on Vacation. Stressed out people are not capable of relaxing, and walking slow, it is just an illusion.

I enjoy meeting my friends, I do not enjoy sharing their lives, I really have no desire to share the life of an American on Vacation, to live with severe stressful people trying to pretend they are relaxing.

If you are not relaxed in the USA, why would you be relaxed here, it would take them two years to change evolve away from their culture.

Stressed Out Tourist

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