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2008-05-09 07:36:00 Stopping Nuts From Talking
I feel surrounded sometimes by superstitious, primitive tribesmen, ambiguous humans who do not reproduce because so confused, yet trying to rule the planet. Absolute confusion reins on the planet because everyone in the developed countries thinks they are smart enough to put on their pants and talk.

I wish to thank; I think this site places a hit on people who spread rumors and gossips, this site destroys myths and urban legends and the people who repeat nonsense.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Friday, May 9, 2008
Andy of ---

I continuously try to find the essential truths as I travel the planet, the piles of crap ideas that are being collected are incredible. The amount of stray comments that have no relevance, off-topic, nothing to do with the solution or problems is running rampant.

This problem is not new, however it is incredible how many people who should never open their mouths truly believe they are smart and need to be heard. The world believes everyone is worthy of listening too, every person should have the right to be heard.

Experts are treated like idiots, and idiots are treated like experts.

Then…. If the expert agrees with the idiots, he become famous and is interviewed on CNN… The Comedy News Network, where fantasy portrayed as fact, just to sell advertising.

Thanks your site continuously comes up in my search for the real facts on issues, trying to shut the mouth of the people who need to get out of the genetic pool.

Get yourself a blog, incredible the amount of irrelevant, off-topic, not part of any solution comments are made, the mind of man is becoming and irrelevant instrument of only used for to criticize and disagree, not genuine help, just asinine childish comments. Stopping Nuts From Talking