Poison or Burning Water Borne Bugs

2008-05-14 04:36:00

Poison or Burning Water Borne Bugs
I was sent an interesting suggestion that may help avoid drinking water problems, or help to clean water, more or less, who knows.

NOTE: Warning, this post is not about true science, use for fun thoughts. This will not protect you from un-safe water...

There are animals in my water, maybe, I have zero proof, however what the hell, it is possible… I really do not trust anyone, I need to send water to a lab on this issue.
Test Drinking Water or http://www.epa.gov/safewater/labs/index.html

Hmm, this idea may work better to clean food.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
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Sugar is food for humans, it gives us energy, a piece of bread is a complex sugar, and peanut butter is packed with complicated sugars. I should not eat peanut butter it makes me fat.

Sugar is food for most animals and bugs.

What will kill me?
What will kill animals?


What will MAYBE bother these animals that live in my travel world, and 90 percent the planet in mass because they do not have clean water and do not wash their dishes correctly?
(I think the problem is food, not the water.)

I am talking about Citric Acid, the nice person who wrote me was recommending - Grapefruit seed extract. I think they are trying to tempt me, I love grapefruit juice, however difficult to buy on most of the planet. Orange juice is easy, lemon or lime juice can be made easy, however not easy to buy as drink, at least not packed with sugar. I refuse to drink mango or papaya.

Citric acid as I understand is the common acid or that sour taste that is common to all of them and really what I like, therefore I will buy lemons or limes and make pure juice. I enjoy this, however,
IT BURNS... will that burn kill something?

I cannot buy Grapefruit Seed Extract, however I can purchase cloro or bleach real easy, so the grapefruit seed extract is really something to play with in the USA, while for me, if I go out to kill something, I plan on boiling them to death, or poison with chloro.

MOUTHWASH - I use a lemon.
I also have trouble buying mouthwash, sad that people in India do not use it, and I for sure, I like to use mouthwash. hard to buy and incredibly expensive because a rare product. However, I do use Lemons as a Mouthwash, it is just my theory, not a science fact, but I believe the acid in the lemons or limes help to acid clean my teeth, clean the tongue and make my mouth fresh.

Will citric acid kill animals in my food, eating the sugars, will it annoy to death the bugs in the water? I think pure citric acid could do some good, I think maybe soaking lettuce or fruits in citric acid, and incredibly expensive process, yet would in a way kill something, it will burn skin, I sure it will do something, maybe tenderize the meat.

Just a quandary here, I do not think the use of Grapefruit Seed Extract or Citric Acid, being of much value, yet I will continue to take a wedge of lemon and bite, to clean my mouth and give me that fresh mouth feeling.

Chlorine is what the world uses to kill something in water, I think this is the full on, get the job treatment I want, but this citric acid stuff is interesting to think about.

I do think it is the opposite of sugar and instead of feeding the animals, I can burn them to death, but I will probably give myself a burn tongue also along this path, maybe my whole throat and stomach. I do not feel it is concentrated enough to kill bugs in water, but does sound like a good start to making some crap wine, because there is sugar also.

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Citric Acid?

Coke Please


Worms, Parasites, and other animals in my body, I am under the impression I took some poison last week that kills them, however not strong enough to kill me.

Poison or Burning Water Borne Bugs

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