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Movie Makers by Chance

2008-05-17 17:41:00

Movie Makers by Chance
I believe formal University education is important, however it does about diddle to help in some careers, however University is a good package of memories, so go do it.

“More people get into Movie Making by accident, then those who go to school.”

- Nathan S. May 17, 2008 a man on a Chicken Bus from Antigua to Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Antigua, Guatemala
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

24 years old, first time outside the USA, Nathan is riding the Chicken Bus to Panajachel, on Lago Atitlan. A newbie, virgin, it is nice to see him come outside, to the outside world, the world outside his country, called the USA.

Bienvenidos ala Mundo

This is Nathan, my first though was,
“This guy needs some sun.”

Maybe some fun on Lago Atitlan, Guatemala will make him a movie maker success, or help in along on what I think is his true passion, I feel it is Photography.

I have a couple of Nephews, maybe three who want to do something with movies, make them, write them, act, I am not sure, but for sure they are in a Chicago University studying how to make movies.

Nathan says he moved from Arizona to Chicago, and has been working for a year in production or filming, he outlined to me in 2 minutes from the seat behind me, the clearest explanation of how the business of movies works. I asked him to send a long written version, hope he does...

“More people get into Movie Making by accident, then those who go to school.”
- Nathan S.

I went to Indiana University, Majored in Philosophy, got confused, went here and there, and have stumbled on a few careers that have nothing and everything to do with University.

Rented Beds to Uni students, manufactured Waterbeds, Concrete Construction, General Contractor, Real Estate Investor, Broker. Internet Webmaster, Blogger.

Nothing to do with school...

I take many photos, I am not a Photographer.
I write a lot, I do not think of myself as a writer.
I make strange cultural videos; I do not see myself as Movie Maker.

Nothing to do with school...

I am Andy, I do know, I like to read books, and watch movies, and avoid disciplines lifestyles, plus, I know I do not really care about grammar, in fact, I despise it.

I have many a person write me email, some idea of a goal, minds a drift, maybe no wind in their sails. I know they want to travel, blog, photograph, make a noise. In the last couple years videos or small movie have been added to this blog. I feel, think, that many people dream of writing or making movies.

I think the art of writing, not sure about movies, maybe I know a little about photography is this, you need to write, photograph and all the other art until you “are one,” not what you do, it is what you are.

Nathan has a webpage, he says about Photography, I think he dreams of taking photos.

A Passion for Photographer

I am living by chance, here a day, there a day, you only have one chance, but who becomes a movie maker by chance?

Movie Makers by Chance