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Monterrico Guatemala

2008-05-21 16:29:00

Monterrico Guatemala
There is a black sand beach in front of the village of Monterrico, Guatemala. I keep trying to say the one line zinger that describes this beach.
Monterrico Beach - Playa Guatemala
Monday, May 19, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

Gallo, weekend warrior, Guatemala city get drunk beach.

Black Sand, felt like black dust beach.

Frumpy girls with Guatemalan boys beach.

What happened to the breeze beach.

Clueless beach tourism in action.

A beach for people who never go to the beach.

Woops, another drunk on the beach.

A black sand beach is a do, a thing to see, this is real sand, not dirt, but more or less ground up black rock, maybe volcanic rock, pounded to fine grains of stone, called Sand.

We all agreed to ditch this beach after one night, maybe a half day, just could not find one reason to stay. I think it may be good for Gringa girls who want to find Guatemalan boy on the weekend. I would think there is wall to wall bars full of people avoiding he sun on weekend.

I am not sure Guatemala is the country for beaches, however I was happy to see a compete change of cultures on the coast.

Black Sand Beach in Monterrico, Guatemala

Black Sand Beach in Monterrico, Guatemala

Black Sand Beach in Monterrico, Guatemala

Eight years ago it was hard to find a motorcycle or a bicycle, now they have these off road thingies, to haul beach trash.

Black Sand Beach in Monterrico, Guatemala

Monterrico Guatemala