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Memories of the Amazon River

Memories of the Amazon River
I first went to Iquitos, Peru in June of 2000, I had just arrived from a boat trip from Manaus, Brazil on a boat that resembled a cattle truck more than a boat. When I think of the Amazon River, I think of a Lake that moves, and very large women in hammocks.

Antigua, Guatemala
Monday, May 26, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I will leave for Iquitos, Peru today, the starting point for many trips on the Amazon River, a city of around 400,000, most likely a guess of population. I am anxious to learn how the city has changed in the last eight years, and what has not changed.

I am anxious to hear of the "Amazon Golf Course Wars," a feud between the expats living in Iquitos, Peru, I keep thinking, these boys like to drink, shag women, they do not golf.

My second trip to Iquitos, Peru was in December of 2001, whereby I took a boat from Coca, Ecuador to Iquitos, Peru down the Rio Napo, with smaller boats, and one that resembled a Cattle Boat; I was calling it the Ark because it had all the animals. I still remember a huge turtle and a monkey that was urinating on a cute girl.

Life has changed, the world does not stop for me, and it will be great to return to this crazy city on the edge of the planet.

I remember the Amazon, I often dream of torturous future trips, one is where I start in Bolivia trying to find the smallest branch of the Amazon and go all the way to Belem, Brazil by water. Not such a difficult trip, more of a how much time spent being with the dirty world. A person taking these trips would live with the locals, however never would be able to fully settle down, also moving there would be a constant twirling of a stick in the muddy water.

I remember a place called Capitan Claviver; I took a boat into the jungle about 2 days down from Iquitos, towards Paculpa, Peru. The locals went out into the middle of the river to dip water to drink, the muddy waters of the Amazon, in a world full of people afraid to talk, afraid to walk, there are places where people live their lives with no fear of life. I guess there will always be a part of me that wants to live more primal, to take what is mine, to live the good life, I tire of the dribble coming from mouths of those who cannot live on the edge of the planet, they have not even seen the Dragons and they are afraid of something, who know what, their minds are out of control.

The Amazon River will take centuries to tame, I would guess in 200 years, and I hope longer. I am now dreaming of the Congo River in Central Africa, hoping to visit soon; I want to go and look over the edge of the planet and pet the Dragons.

When you get to the edge of he planet, there be Dragons, memories a person can never explain, only allude too.

Memories of the Amazon River