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Map of Travel to Iquitos Peru

2008-05-23 07:13:00

Map of Travel to Iquitos Peru
I will fly from Guatemala City to Lima Peru, transit to another plane and fly to Iquitos, Peru.

Panajachel, Guatemala Lago Atitlan
Friday, May 23, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I was not able to purchase the ticket direct, I had to use:

However, I will fly on:
Cost was 314 one-way including all taxes and junk.

The plane flies from Guatemala to Fort Lauderdale. USA, I transfer to another plane, whereby I fly to Lima, Peru.

In Lima Peru, I will fly from Lima to Iquitos, Peru.
Cost was 111 inclusive of all cost.

Iqutios, Peru is one of the main starting points to catch boats going downriver towards Manaus, Brazil or Belem, the Amazon River located on the east side of the Andes starts down in Bolivia somewhere, according to how you want to complain.

Map Amazon River

Map of Travel to Iquitos Peru