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Making Bad Travel Decisions

2008-05-15 07:36:00

Making Bad Travel Decisions
A man I met, NOT me… not me… Said last night here in Pana.
“I am a racist, I hate Obama.”
“He is ten times better than Hillary or McCain.”

A very funny comment and this guy logically proved he was not racist continually in the conversation, maybe uses the wrong words to express his lack of love for black culture of the USA.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, May 15, 2008
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In the end he said, this has nothing to do with Black or White, it has to do with who would make the best President.

His whole comments revolved around one profoundly accurate observation. When a person says one person is bad, they then suddenly increase the other candidate’s status to almost love status. Saying Obama sucks, but better than Hillary, but the silly people when they say Hillary is bad, somehow make Obama or McCain good, all three are bad.

I deal with this reasoning daily, incredibly difficult to convince a person not to fully commit, to keep all decisions a maybe. I will say things like,
“I trust the hotel 70 percent.”
(Keep your brain functioning, do not stop being cautious.)

A person will get angry, like I do not like the hotel, I say, this is a lot better than most where I trust 30 percent.

I would estimate this 1 and 0 thinking, all or nothing is prevalent in about 90 percent of the travelers I meet. 1 in 10 has the ability to say, this is the best of the three bad decisions. Instead, they feel obligated, destined to say this is best.

Comments on the blog are normal a 1 or 0, and off or on, the middle balanced decisions seem to evade people. There are so many exceptions to a rule; the rule is hard to obey. People naturally want to search for the 100 percent solution, that 100 percent of the time does not exist.

All decisions need to be held in a filing category.
“Maybe I am right.”

To say 100 percent, is difficult, but then gain, there are 100 percents, maybe the saying, or the filing system.
Maybe, a person should use maybe 100 percent of the time….

A circular argument, and if you can see this, then you can maybe, make that maybe decisions. A calculate to optimize your chances.

I say things like all, and every, and everybody, etc, I know this is not possible, but so what, I am talking, I am not 100 percent perfect, and do not want to be.

Sadly, in the election, there is no good choice, one person will win and he or she will be the best of three bad choices….

I wonder, can I say,
“I quit.”

I ask Europeans continually, what would you do if you was President Bush, they say,
“I do not have to make the decisions.”

I say,
“If you will not make a decision, then please keep your mouth shut, you are only complaining and part of the problem.”

Terrorist, there is no clear answers, except to kill 100 percent of the people in a country who harbor them… not a good one, but possible and would solve the problem.

Increase the heat until these countries burp out terrorist.

Funny man last night, he was the least Racist man I have met, he was just saying he did not like many of the cultural aspects of the Black people in the USA…

Example: Playing the race card, I do not like to listen to people feeling sorry for themselves in a country where even a Black person can run for President, it just seems stupid.

Come on down, to the rest of the planet, the 90 percent outside the USA and see some truly bad racism…. Try to live the life of a Mayan person who does not speak Spanish.

If you want a real 1 and 0 experience, try to talk to coders or techie make software, lost in the on, off switch, no middles, no abstract thoughts allowed… what fun.

Making Bad Travel Decisions

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