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Learning Spanish is Not 1 or 0

2008-05-08 06:21:00

Learning Spanish is Not 1 or 0
A baby says its first word, saying Mama or Papa and the whole family celebrates. Then quickly adds many words to the child repertoire of words.

I truly wish adults were smarter than babies.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Andy of ---

A baby does not try to learn a language, does not sign up for a language school, does not need smacked in the head.
- Stop speaking baby talk. -
(I want to smack adults, Stop speaking English)

A baby tries to copy Mom and Dad, Sister and Brothers and everyone corrects the baby. There is not a problem, the baby just mimics the sounds until it learns to pronounce words.
- Adults will not mimic and prove the baby is smarter. -
(They do not want to look stupid, and prove themselves stupid.)

I do not learn language fast, however, I do speak Spanish, French and English rather well, in fact very good.

I find learning a language easier now, I more or less act like a baby, I repeat the word to the person using the word I need to learn, the person corrects me until I can repeat Mama, or Papa correctly. When, I see the person again, I try to repeat the word for their approval.

In the end I try to tell people who want to learn Spanish, and I say,
“Stop speaking English.”

Stop speaking baby talk, English is of no value, it sounds like Baby talk to the Spanish speaking people, they think you sound stupid.

When I am in the USA and a Mexican person speaks Spanish, I tell them.
“Speak English.”

On the other hand, I do tell the owners of hotels here in Guatemala that want English clients, hey.
“Speak English.”

When I hear conversations in both Spanish and English I play a game, I ask myself,
“Who is the student?”

The one that demands to use their own language is the teacher, the one who learns a new word is the student.

Simple to learn a language, stop talking the old language, use the one everyone else is talking than try to think.
“Hmm. I only know five words, I am more stupid than a one year old child.”

People ask me how my Spanish is, and I say,
“I have lived over five years in a Spanish speaking countries, I am a five year old.”

My 60 year old friend Chris ask me,
“Which country should I go to study Spanish?”

I wanted to say El Salvador or Colombia, and they go to a small village with nobody in the village that speaks English.

Learning a language is not fun, it is a lot of work.

In the end, I think he needs to find him a nice Guapa Senorita that does not speak a word of English and refuses to speak word of English under an condition… maybe he will become a student. I hope he realizes one day this is excellent advice...

Spanish is not an on or off, not a 1 or 0, it is maybe you want to learn Spanish, or maybe you do not, it is always a maybe, it only is a 1 when you have nobody who speak English around you.

Learning Spanish is Not 1 or 0