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Is the Shuttle Van a Trend in Travel

2008-05-15 18:16:00

Is the Shuttle Van a Trend in Travel
The Chicken Bus won, this is a used American School Bus sent to Guatemala and made into public transportation. I like Chicken Buses better than Shuttle Vans.

Chickens bus, I do not think the locals call it this… I am sure on occasions a chicken or two uses the bus.

I am Chicken to use the small shuttle vans anymore; the Chicken bus has become my favorite mode of travel on short trips in Guatemala.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, May 15, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

Chicken Buses, cheap and convenient form of Transportation in Guatemala. With a Chicken bus, you do not have to plan, just leave and you will arrive after an experience of a lifetime. I believe a volunteer in this country should be required to only use Chicken buses.

On the last trip from Antigua to Panajachel in a Shuttle Van, I got motion sickness, puked out the window, in a plastic bag, and was miserable for the whole next day recovering from the trip. I think there were three or four people puking, the driver finally stopped and allowed us to revive, and he for sure was not helping by riding the break.

There are the alternatives I know of

Private Car - Too dangerous, I have only been here a few weeks and I already know two people who were robbed at gunpoint.

Hired Taxi - Same as private car, probably worst, as the driver could be conspiracy to rob you.
Shuttle Van - The regular size fan with 12 people packed into it and the drivers a lottery and the seat a lottery. A good seat in the second tier and you optimize your chances of not becoming sick.

Pullman Bus - This is a full size bus, however hard to find them to Pana, they seem to leave one time per day, and I waited in Pana for two hours the other time and finally took a Chicken Bus.

Chicken Bus
I do not know about the rest of the world, I came to visit Guatemala.

“Bienvenido a Guatemala”

The Chicken Bus is the people of Guatemala cramped three to a seat, full of strange noises, nice people, and stops a lot. It takes a different road or path to Panajachel, one with fewer curves and you must transfer a couple of times. A full size bus is better for sightseeing than a van, it sits up about 3 feet higher, the windows are bigger and you can see the world better, the best possible for photographers is a full size bus.

The bottom line is this, I get car sick easy, the shuttle van made 25 percent of the occupants sick.

I want to arrive in any city before noon and no later than 2:00, every hour after 2:00 compounds the difficulties of entering a city, the later it gets the more dangerous and stupid it gets. The chicken buses appear to leave continuously all day long.

I feel the shuttle van; the 12-passenger type is a bad new trend in travel transportation. I think the average person does not want to touch a Guatemala person, and for sure does not want to sit next to one; therefore, this method of towing tourist is becoming a standard. I am somewhat sad; it is the best way in the world to avoid a cultural experience in Guatemala.

The whole world feels this NOT- Private, Not comfortable, not a good way to take photos, cramped, get motion sickness type of vehicle is best.

Today, I realized, I just will not try them again, I got sick in Thailand, and many place, this is the last straw, I am chicken bus.

I think I have learn more sitting next to people on buses, I know the world better, I can feel the peoples minds at work, I just get to know people sharing a seat.
(Note, I shared the one seat with a Korean girl, who gave me her email, I like the bus, I am not stupid...)

Is the Shuttle Van a Trend in Travel