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Iquitos Peru Apartment

2008-05-28 03:33:00

Iquitos Peru Apartment
This apartment in Iquitos is cool, cannot remember the last time I said this word; it is just the word that means great to me.

70 Percent perfect

250 Per month to rent one-room apartment overlooking Amazon River on the second floor.
75 per month for Wireless Internet WIFI access in room.
40 US for electricity, mas or menos.

Iquitos, Peru on Amazon River
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I need to make a few calls at the line of scrimmage here, mostly light bulbs, the air conditioner was freezing my feet, however the disign at base level starting point is high.

A loud of noise at night from the bar next-door is high, I must use the Air Conditioning because of the noise and there is no screen. What is up with the screens on the planet? Malaria is the first words out of anybodies mouths when they talk about Amazon River.

The place is great, modern room and I have 5 times the number closets than normal. I am not sure how to position this fridge, I am using the closet for security, not a good place for fridge. I will move it or figure out a better security box. When I figure out the how to cooking part it will be a go, I think I can use the alcohol stove to cook vegetables.

Many small adjustments, but I am in a great room, I will concentrate on getting proper lighting in the room. I am laughing, when I put a big enough light bulb in the restroom to take off dim level, I will actually be able to see my face in the mirror. It is weird how few rooms even have mirrors, then stranger yet, not a light. This one is big, with a light directly above, the bulb is baby size, when I make it grow up, and I will be able to see myself for change.

I will convince Bill the owner to either make a good landing site on his internt page, so I can help share the room, a page where the link will not move, or get him to make one on so I help Bill get more renters. I like to point links at specific no surf, no search pages, so readers are not lost.

I know of only a couple more Hotel rooms actually located on the Amazon River, the one I would love to stay in, because it is close or in the Belen Market Area, I like to be close to the market for food, yet pretty dodgy in that area.

Iquitos Peru Apartment