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Iquitos Peru a Good Reason for Perpetual Travel

2008-05-31 12:21:00

Iquitos Peru a Good Reason for Perpetual Travel
In the last two month I have returned to visit two locations, as my friend Bill call them,
“End of the Road Locations.”

Where Travelers go when they stop traveling.

Iquitos, Peru on Amazon River
Saturday, May 31, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I returned to visit Panajachel, Guatemala on Lago, Atitlan the third time, I am now in Iquitos, Peru for the third time. I am not sure I have any reason to ever return to Panajachel, however, anyway I do it, Iquitos is the entrance to the West end of the Amazon River, impossible to avoid.
What happens is this, if a person is lucky, they accidentally enter a city when then Moon, Stars, Travelers, People, and good Gods agree to give good Juju to the place. The good Karma is at it peak for the first time, life is better than normal. When I return on the next visit, it is as if the energy went down the tubes, someone pulled the plug out of the tub and all the great Bathtub Beer being made is going down the drain.

It is the people, it is not the place
It is the people, it is not the place.
The people have changed.

I remember the people I meet, more than the places I go.
Any long-term traveler knows a few places where the good Gods were watching out for them, where they went for a day and stayed a month.

The problem is this, I almost never can return and find the same people, the same alignment of the stars, and I cannot guarantee life is good. Therefore, I have a great argument in my mind for never stopping this travel life, to perpetually travel to find the next place, that next special time in life, where for one fleeting moment in time, I was in Paradise.

There are locations where the Expats are increasing and there are places where the Expats are decreasing, ether progression or a recession. This has nothing to do with the business in the areas, many very popular growing tourist places are in an Expats recession.

Expats start to flee locations when the good times end, I have been here in Iquitos, Peru for less than a week, and I am already planning my escape. I think I may head West with Bob, the Buddhist Chef by river to the city of Yurimaguas.

I am a perpetual traveler, searching for those moments in time when I entered Paradise, and sadly never to return, Paradise Lost.

Iquitos Peru a Good Reason for Perpetual Travel