In My Element of Your Element

In My Element of Your Element
An Anonymous comment on another post:
“Your writing has reached a new level since returning to Latin America, you must be in your element.”

Iquitos, Peru on Amazon River
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
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I hope this person means the level is up, hehehe, I would infer he or she means I am in my element so yes.
“Thank You.”

Whatever this means, I am never sure, however an attaboy on writing is better than the normal,
“You do not spell right, you cannot write, you’re a jerk.”

In my element hits me as questionable, I think I am in the least amount of stress, I am optimizing my life well for the last couple of months. There is a black and white, on, off, 1 or 0 mentalities to the world. I got up in front of some friends and jumps around saying,

“Who cares if the place is great, I want to make my life optimized, I want happiness or enjoyment of the day perfect.”

Prior to this comment, I was pointing out how to improve on the Hotel Posada Don Carlos in Panajachel, Guatemala. Perfection is in the detail and the distance between great and ok is normally just a few small adjustments. I think I dwell on perfections; I like to have a good pure, clean, perfect thought, and optimized view of life.

The questionable part is this, when I write about some countries, I have readers who like that region of the world suddenly read more post, while the ones that do not slack down. Therefore, it is possible I am the element now of the person, not my element.

In My Element of Your Element

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