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I Drank One Drop of Water

2008-05-01 20:47:00

I Drank One Drop of Water
I am going through the introspection; I want to know why I caught Parasites.

I deduced it is not the water.

I believe it is the Fresh Vegetables, and a few votes on Tortillas, or maybe Restaurant food.
Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, May 1, 2008
Andy of ---

My observations are that Water is blamed for about 97 percent of Traveler sickness. I believe it is 97 percent a food problem, and 3 percent a water problem.

Is one drop of water a problem? There is some junk scientist misconception that the more your drink the worst. I feel of propose that one drop is as bad a glass. I believe one drop of water in my body with a water borne disease is just as serious as a glass of the water.

I am 100 percent sure I drink the water; I am 100 percent sure all travelers in these countries drink at least 20 to 50 drops of water per day. Many ways for water to enter your body, and the best way is to eat in any restaurant, I will guarantee the dishes were not washed with purified water. I could make a list of 50 ways water enters a person world.

I do believe there is contaminant in the water that comes out through the pores of people skin.

Tortillas are not fully cooked, they are semi raw, full of water from anywhere, I ate a few, and finally have decided this is not a property cook food, and tortilla dough would grow many funky animales.

Most people are not sick from the water of the food, they came to a country like Guatemala, fell in love with a food, like Mangos, then ate too many, gluttony was the problem, not the food.

I have been in too many kitchens, people do not understand how to be clean, they do not use hot water, the water from the tap is not pure. Nobody believes they need to use 100 percent purified water, they have water, and they use it.

I worked on trying to keep all my water boiled in Benin, this is not so hard to do, however to clean every dish with boil water is difficult, if not impossible. I could do it if I owned a house, but difficult in a room or a guest kitchen of a hotel.

In the end, I believe eating in any restaurant is the most dangerous, street food is ok providing you are watching them cook it. Any vegetable or uncooked food is a for sure dangerous. I am trying to figure out if it is possible to soak vegetables in chlorinated water and is adequate. I tend to think a canned vegetable over cooked is safest.

When I read a travel warning about food, I think great, water or food is a problem, please give me real, actual ways of preparing or choosing my foods that works. I do not care if you warn me, this is of no value, I need to know real scientific studied ways of cleaning food and preparing, not just watch out.

I truly do not trust the cleaning people in any hotel or restaurant to wash the dishes. Maybe, I will make a movie of the typical world method.

There is the belief that the more drops of water, the worst, this is just seems like gambler fallacy.

I do hope my readers realize, I seldom get sick, yes, I have been sick a few times, however compared to the tourist, almost zero. I eat properly, however I do drink the water often, and for sure I do not know any way to avoid drinking the water, I do not think this is possible. I think the big warning should be for uncooked foods, then recommend that all people tour the kitchen before they eat.

I Drank One Drop of Water