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2008-05-11 06:30:00 is in Central America
I found a Satellite internet connection in Guatemala that is truly tickling one of my dreams. I affordable Satellite internet anywhere on the planet. If you want to work on the internet or communicate using the internet, I found a clue. is giving me some hope, as I found this company providing Satellite Internet Access in a Hotel on Lago Atitlan called La Iguana Perida.

This is a maybe a flash packer, backpacker resort thingy in the Village of Santa Cruz. It a nice place, sort of the mixture of mixed up hippies and well funded entrepreneurial backpackers. This is a full service backpacker resort. So far the only place that understands that High Altitude Scuba diving is here on Lago Atitlan, and that people travel from all over the world to say they dived in this lake.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Sunday, May 11, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

If you wish to work anywhere, in Central America, or in the Caribbean, the Satellite connections are moving this way, I do not know much about it, and everyone minimized a solution that is truly extraordinary.

I want to go to any village on the planet and use the internet, I feel this will only be accomplished when we dump the landlines, and the cell phone towers and follow companies like

Presently Satellite Internet is used mostly by using-other-peoples money to pay Volunteer or NGO, News Media and the Military.

I think the equipment needs and the dish are presently not mobile, more stationary. is in Central America