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Hobo Hideout

2008-05-22 06:46:00

Hobo Hideout
I have thought and planned for year to start a Hobo Hideout, a Hostel like, maybe long-term apartment type Hotel, sometimes called an Apartelle. Our Travel Rooms site called is part of an overall desire for me to have 10 homes strategically located around the planet.

Panajachel, Guatemala Lago Atitlan
Thursday, May 22, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

A home without a family is a not a home, I truly wish to discover a way to build this home in a few of my ideal or favorite place on the planet. I hope to one-day to find the formula that would allow me to live in a Hotel a couple of months per year, not be annoyed, and know I had the right to improve the hotel without a major war of lunacy between me and the owner.

Hotels do not like me to remodel my room, fix it, or even give them an iota of advice. The majority of people on the planet believe they know what makes a hotel good. It is not that easy, who lives in hotels, yet owners who have never even lived in Hotels believe they understand Hotels.

I dwell on this, hmmm 10 years, time 52 weeks, average 2 per week means I have lived in 1040 Hotels on planet earth. What I like about hotels is nearly irrelevant; I am fully aware what I do not like. Once you remove what is bad, all that is left over is good.

However, a truly great hotel has a nice common area full of traveler talking and joking around. This travel luxury is slowly disappearing; I cannot remember finding one in the last few years.

I really like walking into the guest kitchen, cooking some popcorn, walking into the common areas, lying down with many travelers and watch a good movie. This is really home away from home.

Hobo Hideout