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Guatemala WIFI Easy Country

Guatemala WIFI Easy Country
This country has really developed. I am the new Guatemala City airport and there is free Internet with Wireless WIFI.

Here in No Mans Land is nice, too much light, a little hot, however life is good.

Guatemala is probably the first country I have ever entered where I never went to an Internet Café; I had Wireless Internet Access, WIFI in all room.

Guatemala City, Guatemala
Monday, May 26, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

- Casa Shalom rooms at 70Q up
- Don Quijote rooms at 100Q up.

- Hotel Posada Don Carlos, rooms at 70Q
- Los Encuentros rooms at 150Q up with negotiations

- Zoolas, and Israeli Hotel

Inalabrico is the name in Spanish for Wireless.

Thanks Guatemala for being an advanced country with all the toys, this country is a go. Unfortunately, full of tourist with no experience in Travel so listening to conversations can be painful.

I think I averaged about 12 U.S. per night for rooms, a great starter country for a person who wants to take the slow entry path into long-term travel, I am not sure I will ever return.

Guatemala WIFI Easy Country