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Guatemala is a Happy Color

2008-05-03 05:14:00

Guatemala is a Happy Color
There is a part of me that is self-destructive, and I became alcoholic. The way I stopped being and alcoholic was simple, I stopped talking with drunks and search for the happy people.

Happy people taught me life is good, and I have no excuse to complain.

Guatemala is a Happy Color, this is the secret…

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Friday, May 2, 2008
Andy of ---

Walking by this pile of Color makes me a grateful person, and I feel Guatemala as a lucky country.

I made a decision to pass extreme judgment on people and enforce it to protect my life. I know I cannot hang around with the drunks complaining how their lives are the result of their boss.

I am responsible.

Try to feel all them colors, the colors of Guatemala are happy, this country laughs easy.

I pass instant judgment on people dressed in black. This type of person makes me nervous, There is too much truth to the idea that the good guys where the White Hats.

I am way too old to try to give morbid people an excuse; I just cannot be bothered with the unhappy people of life. If I cannot find a smile in a person, I leave them forever, never to return. I only have one life, I am responsible to make it my life and to live it, I cannot allow the lack of color to enter my life, and I need to protect my happiness.

This is on the Santander street in Panajachel, Guatemala, a street full of color, yet and extremely tourist area. Workers in Tourist area become cynical as the tourist abuse them, and they abuse the tourist. However, Guatemala is not cynical, go to Europe and walk around in tourist areas and you will see some very rage filled angry people.

I am thinking about an experiment on this street.

I am going to make a 10 minute video, I will walk down this street and say hello to every Foreigner I meet. I will then find one Guatemala person and say hello, preferably not a vendor who wants to sell me something.

I think 100 percent of the Guatemalan people will reply and say hello back. I think about 1 in 10 of the Foreigner will even acknowledge my presence.

Guatemalan people are not afraid of life, and they are a Happy Color.

Too easy in life to be happy, say hello to people, if they ignore you, take them off the list. Take a long look at your friends, are they dressed in Happy Colors, do they smile quick. Or are they doing their best to be emotional vampires.

Guatemala is a Happy Color