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Great Backpack Ideas

2008-05-20 05:49:00

Great Backpack Ideas
A reader sent me a truly great email explaining some concepts of backpack design. It appears the U.S. Army is developing a backpack that is related to my Windmill Backpack design.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
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Name: Robert C Powell
Country: USA

Maybe the US Army could become your best customer.

New US Army tactical sling bag.

The U.S. Army is developing a tactical sling bag that, as the name implies, you can sling over your shoulder. The basic bag has about 700 cubic inches of space. But like other military packs, you can add pouches, and use the webbing to configure it many ways. The troops like that. When things are slow, you can fiddle with your pack configuration.

Medics have long been asking for a better equipment bag, and some
troops have improvised sling bags in order to carry what they needed, without using the ungainly backpack. The army will continue developing and testing prototypes, and probably wont have a final design in the hands of the troops until next year.



Wow, thanks Robert, I appreciate this type of email, a notification where good ideas are happening on the planet. A good idea is a lifesaver, and for this U.S. Army application, it really could save lives.

I have realized for years, and I am annoyed and frustrated with Backpack Manufactures and even people who review gear. They are too preoccupied with the look of the pack, and do not care if the back functions. I have talked to many soldiers, heard comments about the British, Australian, and US Soldiers, even thought about, started to plan to go and visit some special forces in the Philippines just to go look at their gear.

I continuously dream of the ideal backpack, I know the perfect backpack is one that strives to help all people, big, little, fat, small, rich or poor, it has to adapt to the situation and person.

The links you sent are on the correct path, I enjoyed looking at the various views of the one bag sold, I do not think there is anything new for me here, and however, there is a completed project to view. It would be great to buy one these bag and look, I think maybe the way they tuck the pistol in the bag could be used, maybe a new idea for me, most of the sling thing is good. I use a bag in this way for a camera bag, and will soon make a video explaining the need for speed when taking photos.

There is a need to incorporate both the sling and the two-strap backpack design, the sling bags are good, however when the wait is increase, or the time walking increases this become tiresome. I would take this idea a few levels higher and balance the bag more, but this bag is on the correct path.

In this blog post, I referenced some other good ideas.

Thanks Robert, please send any ideas you have, views, or opinions, I believe your level of observation and ability to recognize great ideas is excellent.

Andy of a traveler, a person that lives with a backpack, a person that needs something that works. I need a bag that makes my life easy, not one that looks good.

Note for anyone that does not know, I am now thinking to buy the materials in the USA, and then travel up into the Canada and sow my next attempt bag myself. I have given up on the abilities of others to help me, I have to sow this bag myself, and the first prototype it appears is mentally too complicated to explain. However, a good backpack is a combination of great materials and good ideas; I can only collect the best materials in one place in the USA quickly. I could manufacture them maybe in China where the labor is cheaper; however, I am leaning now towards the USA for quality controls.

I think another 100 or 200 dollars of cost is a small price to pay for a house I carry on my back, live with daily.

Great Backpack Ideas