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Food Shortage

2008-05-19 18:07:00

Food Shortage
I have almost nothing to eat here in Montericco, Guatemala, yesterday I only ate a Pineapple and a package of Granola I brought with me from Antigua, Guatemala.

I am now at the beach in Monterrico, Guatemala, under a mosquito net, with a fan that is effectively useless in the Hotel Brisa, my friends Chris, Marc and Taia are here also.

Monterrico Beach - Playa Guatemala
Monday, May 19, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

Marc the man and Taia the girl are vegetarians; however do eat fish, then last night they were munching popsicles from the store. Chris is a garbage disposal eater, anything you put in front of him.

I have been sick, something is wrong with my body, went to the doctor, went to the laboratory, and went to the pharmacy. I am now taking some medicine hopefully to stop any kidney infections, and Maalox does not help if this is an ulcer, I am baffled.

I have nothing to eat, I am surrounded by food, and however, there is nothing healthy to eat. I have gone in the local small supermarket here two times now; I found a can of corn last night. I purchased the Pineapple from a truck parked in the street, however to really go healthy here in Monterrico Beach is maybe not healthy.

I want to stop eating processed food, keep low on fats and simpler sugars, drop the salt, and more or less just eat natural foods. The world has become a big junk food store, even what they say is healthy if full of simple sugars that will make a person buzz. I do not have much selection in canned vegetables, fresh ones would take hours to cook, and I do not have a kitchen to use.

I am going to need to work hard, carry a lot of food in my bag, close to 10 pounds of 5 kilos of weight. I will carry this weight, I am not sure I have ever seen another traveler carry canned vegetables; I have seen two or three carry a bag of rice.

I think today I will cook some rice with some garlic for flavor, all natural, not additives, nothing processed. I need to clean my body, make it pure, cut weight and get this machine in top shape. Strangely, my I feel I have the advantage over my friends even when I am sick, body hurts, and problems, I still feel I am better equipped to handle the travel road.

There are many food shortages on the planet, surrounded by foods that will make you pig fat, yet have very little true nutritional value. The problem is this, there is are may foods, however in any one location there is only about 30 percent of the types sold, what is easy to find is sold. The WalMart size grocery stores of the USA are truly a nutritional goldmine, however hard to find on 80 percent of the planet, and no guarantee there is half the selection.

Food Shortage