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Finding The Way to Your Home

Finding The Way to Your Home
We are having fun on the site; we got this A B C D navigation finally on the USA page. There are so many cities and locations in the USA it is difficult to make navigation. The world may be a Lonely Planet, however for sure there are many cities.

Have some fun; go find your city in the USA, or the rest of the world.

We be techies, we have our Head up the wrong place sometimes, very difficult to see the woods for all the trees, trying to make a site easy to use is a challenge.

Panajachel, Guatemala, Lago Atitlan
Sunday, May 25, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

Site navigation of 6.5 million cities on the planet, give or take a few million is difficult, trying and confusing to readers.

I tell boy genius from India,
“When you Mom can find it, then it is good.”
I also say,
“My Mom cannot find the city where she lives in.”
Can you find the city where you live in the USA?

Can you find in the world?

This is a little anal, however it is an English Language site, we are a global site, not a USA only site, we have concentrated too much on planet earth and apologize, and we are now focusing on the USA, so where many English speakers live can find their city.

Too funny in a way, Boy Genius from India does not understand that American have their head up that place, and do not even know there are countries outside the USA sometimes. We are trying to focus now more on this big English speaking mass of people in the USA more.

This is the greatest geography lesson of my life.

Finding The Way to Your Home