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Financial Contributions Question for Andy

2008-05-01 15:51:00

Financial Contributions Question for Andy
I am a very rich Hobo… hehehe, it is almost ant-thematic, how can I be a Hobo and make money, the word is a contradiction. However, I do not think a Hobo turned down a good day job or a way to keep his freedom to keep on moving down the tracks.

I receive this email at an ironic time, please read and I will answer after the letter from Bob L.

I will not stop blogging, it is what I do for fun.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, May 1, 2008
Andy of ---


Name: Bob L
Email: xxx deleted
Country: USA


I noticed something missing from yours, and other blogs I read. A way to contribute $$$. I would think that the majority of the click through money you get is not from regular readers. I know I for one would never click through an ad. Yes, I have clicked through to get books from some sites to help them out, but that is few and far between. I have not noticed that option on your site anyway. Those of us that read your site on a regular basis might want to contribute a small amount of money every once in a while. A PayPal button to contribute a bit would be nice.

Create a nice looking, easy to find banner or something and ask for contributions to help you continue publishing. I don't know how much money you would get, but I would think it would be worth the effort. I know I would throw you $10 once in a while just to help you continue to write. Hell, I have paid a lot more for magazine subscriptions that I don't get nearly as much enjoyment out of.

Bob L


Thanks Bob, I truly appreciate this letter. I will continue to write, you just paid me.

In a way, I blog to entertain you, and to entertain myself, and in a way to think through my life, blogging clarifies my life, make it easier to see and understand me.

As I understand, you want to give me a donation because you enjoy the blog. Great, I achieve one of my goals, to entertain and enjoy the day… Great.

I feel I am a lucky man; I today have 10 times more money than I need to travel because of them clicks. If I took your donation, I would feel greedy, I am doing great, and life is good. I am happy that you and other readers enjoy my cheeky view of life, and my witness of the world.

About five years ago there was Donation here, donate there links all over the site, and many people gave me money. I took the donation links off as soon as I was making enough money from other advertisements.

I like to travel, I do not like money, however, money is needed to travel. I have enough money to travel.

Maybe you feel like I am giving you something for nothing. I am more than happy to give knowing I never get a penny from anyone for just talking about my story. I refuse to take on many big advertisers, they want me to talk nice about them, and pay me, I would rather complain about them and be poor, then tell lies for money.

I have been lucky; I do not have to be nice to any hotel, tour, advertiser, or person. I do not owe anyone my allegiance; this makes my writing honest, no beholding for help to anyone.

I have an idea, pay me back this way, walk up to a few people you meet and say.

“Life is good.”
"Andy of says Hello, he likes new friends."

Many people have helped me in my life who gave to me when I had nothing, I can never repay them, I can only pass it down, and help others.

I have traveled the world, I am sure life is good. The world is having the biggest outbreak of prosperity and peace in the history of this planet. Hell, I am having trouble finding and danger to face for fun.

I hope you chuckle, laugh, and realize, I am living my dream life.
- a life less normal. -

The good Gods watch over me. Now stand up, walk down the street, give people a big smile, and find a few people to say,
“Life is Good.”

Pass is around, people may eventually agree, I am sure the news on televison is negative, this just is not real life on planet earth. Life is good.

I will not stop blogging, it is what I do for fun.