Extreme Healthy Diet

Extreme Healthy Diet
I started eating extremely healthy a week ago; it was a simple transition for me, a person not prone to giving himself excuses.

I put my hand on the salt shaker the other day, then looked at it, stopped and said,
Panajachel, Guatemala, Lago Atitlan
Sunday, May 25, 2008
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I say an extreme healthy diet, because this is a no excuse, no exceptions diet. No processed foods, no sugar, no coffee, no ice cream, no salt, no spicy hot foods, not much reason to even enter a convenience store. I must go to the markets, I must eat vegetables and fruits, and I must cook foods in the guest kitchen.

This is not a vegetarian diet, 99 percent of the vegetarians analysis of what they put in their mouth is inaccurate and driven by junk science analysis. I have more or less stopped eating any foods where they put it in a box, or added ingredients for flavoring. It is for sure a stopping of sugar addictions or salty foods.

I think if I ate something with concentrated sugar I would start to buzz, I am not eating many simple sugars or monosaccharide. I guess a good way to look at it, if there is a list of ingredients or a packaging it probably is not something I eat.

This takes a lot of concentration; it is amazing how many people offer me foods to eat, even saying,
“This is healthy.”

One of the great pleasures of traveling outside the USA has always been the open-air food markets. Although the fresh food departments of large grocery stores in the USA make life 100 times easier to buy food, I still enjoy the daily ritual of walking to the market.

It is baffling and intriguing, somewhat suspicious that I have discovered so few tourist or travelers willing to enter a fresh food market to buy foods. I am almost willing to say, a person who enter a fresh food market in Guatemala or anywhere on the planet is a better prospect for a friend. I have made many friends inside the market here in Panajachel, Guatemala and will miss joking with them when I leave; they are in a way my only friends in this city. I see them as natural friends, while most of the travelers or tourists I encounter are somewhat delusional.

I do not think people can cook and also are too lazy, a lazy person cannot be healthy.

It is work to enter a fresh food market, haggle with the vendors, ever careful in my choices, I must know which foods are ripe, which vendors have better quality. It is a daily process, time consuming and involves me being interested in cooking my foods.

I believe a person must cook their foods to be healthy, the foods offered in restaurants is lacking 50 percent of what is needed for extreme health.

I worked out at the health club for years, about 15 years I went daily to the gym to work out, while on this good endeavor I started to read Muscle Fitness Magazine, it explained how exercise to grow muscles. I have always considered this the most intelligent and well written, highly researched, clear and to the point health magazine, I have read. There is no way a person can super bulk up their body, become a mass of muscle without eating super healthy. It by far is the most intelligent analysis of eating I have ever read. This magazine gave me the impetuous and concepts.

In the end, I like living, it is time to stop playing the excuse game, I am now 52, I need to quadruple the serious nature of foods, exercise and take care.

I am not eating organic, I am not eating only natural foods, I see this as marketing, nothing to do with scientific analysis, and just labels put on food to make people feel good. I am eating many vitamins and would believe it foolish to stop, and when I hear the words organic used, feel a twinge of annoyance

Maybe I would call this my diet as a result of reading muscle fitness magazine.

Never worry about my health, I am strong as an ox, carry two backpacks that weighs close to 80 pounds with no problem and continually listen to weak people complain about their 20-30 pound bags. I live a life less normal; I am not in the same game as the average person.

Extreme Healthy Diet

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