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Expert of the Amazon River

2008-05-31 06:32:00

Expert of the Amazon River
There are guides on the planet, I ignore them, try to not to talk with them and for the most part have zero respect for tour guides. A tour is an easy way to visit a country, meet a few people, and I hope somebody with me on the tour knows about the destination.

I do not expect a tour guide to have a brain.

Iquitos, Peru on Amazon River
Friday, May 30, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

The requirements to be an Amazon Tour Guide are generally the person has to speak English; they do not need to know about the river, just normal knowledge, not expert status.

An expert of the Amazon River would make a good guide; I have been looking around trying to find books written about the Amazon, after I became concerned with this idea. What is an expert, are there experts of the Amazon River, and is there anybody in Peru that has studied this river well enough to deem me thinking or calling them an expert?

It is not that easy, the river is huge, the tributaries are vast, and the river goes up into Bolivia, over to Colombia, into Venezuela. There are specific areas, fish, plants, trees, people, this place is a continent travel destination, and the Amazon is like Oceania, maybe called Amazonian.

Where to start to be an expert?

Seven years ago when I was on the Amazon, the resources, especially the internet was newer, did not exist.

I studied Real Estate for years; I had four blue filing cabinets full of files about real estate information. I had files on all the Real Estate Companies in my cities, I knew more about the competition than they knew about themselves. I read five papers daily, clipped every article and filed it under the subject. The five newspapers, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, and News Sentinel. Then many magazines, later in the career I used the internet.

Books are needed to study a subject, there is on paper written knowledge and online now that is weak, not clear thought and overwrought with crap.

I need to learn about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, I subscribe presently to about five newsletters, or dauly Blogs. If I really wanted or felt pressure to update I increase this up to 30, if I was trying to be an expert I think I would increase this to 50-100 Blogs or information sources.

I enjoy SEO, fun to learn about, a challenge to study this abstract art.

How does a person become an expert, and at what point does a person feel he or she is an expert.

I was talking to what may or may not be an Expert Photographer yesterday, I was not able to conclusively learn or say this person is an expert, I conclusively he has taken more photos than others have.

Well, this is the point, when you meet an expert, and you cannot bleed off any information of value, cannot get an over the edge answers, then you compare, hmm, maybe I am an expert.

Money is the normally the score card, people pay experts, however it is easy to portray yourself as an expert, and just have an above average knowledge.

Yes, I think also critical thinking is needed, and expert without an incredibly ability to slice and dice, drill down the fact, separate into categories is needed.

I meet extremely few experts.

There is always someone who will stand up and nominate themselves as an expert to an association, club, and organization. I see themselves as people who want to famous, to be known as an expert.

Fame and flattery stops brains from functioning, becoming mired into muck as large as the Amazon River. Does an Expert like fame and to be listed too?

How much does it cost to have books shipped here from the USA, this seems to be the cost of being one of the cost of becoming and Expert of the Amazon River. I keep trying to up my knowledge on a few subject, at about 75 U.S. per book, it takes some real cash to research subjects. I am not in the USA, I do not live in the USA, and the internet still is 99 percent inadequate for learning properly.

The knowledge of resources, the awareness of every source of knowledge on an existing subject is a problem. I find the Germans are good on Computers, I think about learning German so I can read their webpages.

I do not know many experts...

Expert of the Amazon River