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Dwelling on Economics of Square Rooms

2008-05-16 06:42:00

Dwelling on Economics of Square Rooms
I woke up, asking myself,
“Why am I living in this square concrete room with on light bulb in the middle?”

I got up, went to the toilet, and then looked at my bed; the cheap fitted sheet was popped off the one corner. I thought to myself,
“Does anyone care on the planet?”

I really wish hotels owners cared, I cannot think of one hotel owner.

Nobody with any intelligence would continue to pay the price of a Five Star Hotel for more than two weeks, they would move into and apartment saying,
“It is a better deal.”
Rooms in Hotels are not good deals or everyone would live in a hotel.

Antigua, Guatemala
Friday, May 16, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I am lying here in bed this morning, thinking to myself,
“Who really cares about me?”

We or I have been brainwashed all my life to think the rich people do not care about me, therefore by default the poor do, totally wrong.
“The only ones who care for me are the rich people.”

I do not think the rich people and the government; they are one and the same. I do not think they care for me in a personal way, yet they are the only ones that provide excellent service or protection from enemies.

I cannot remember the last time a neighbor offered to help me, I think the idea now is not to love thy neighbor, it is to avoid thy neighbor, he only wants to talk gossip or is jealous.

Envy is truly at the top of all economic hierarchies.

1. Envy
2. Jealousy.
3. Pride, the desire to have the bigger car.
4. Greed

I am not sure what them seven deadly sins are that are not in the bible, however Bill Gates can help me, I will go to my Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.

List from Encyclopedia Encarta, Wiki works for crap offline:
“Pride, avarice, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.”

This list evolved in a folkloric way as Priest and others tried to come up with ways of trading labels for church donations.

I think the list is great, somehow needs to incorporate the word.

This list is meant and used to make a person feel guilty, rich or poor, old or weak, Obama or Hillary, MaCain and all the people of the world use these labels and sub-categories of these labels to make us feel guilty. Fattening us up with guilt, whereby we will give money.

I have to admit, it is 1 in 1000 that just give money without guilt, just because it is the right thing to do, and will make you feel good. People have this nagging guilt on the back and give to beggars.

I have 40 Q the other day to an American man, robbed in Xela, and had talked the owner into a room in my hotel, I said,
“A gift.”
He started to talk, and I said,
“Do not talk.”

I meant it to the bottom of my eyes, he understood, the last thing I wanted to hear was more of his sad sack story, he obviously was close to be nuts, for sure a loser. I purchased his silence, and if he ever talks sad again, I would not give. I rather thought maybe he was telling the truth, so he needed money for real.

Note, I will give to happy ideas quicker, just seems nuts to enabling sadness on the planet by paying for it.

Every person is a business

1. Envy
- This seems to motivate most people; they want to have more than others.

2 Pride
- The want to look better, have a better-looking car, they want a bigger house, and they want the pride of making their neighbor envious.

3 Lust
- Somewhere in this mix, they want sex.

4. Avarice
- Greed an ugly label yet is the sum total of all envy, pride and lust.

5. Anger
- Business people or all people get angry because of the above list and motivates them.

6. Gluttony
- I have trouble understanding why a house three times the size as needed is needed, it to me is gluttony, the never-ending need to eat or consume.

7. Sloth
- The desire to lie around and do nothing, the number one winning motivation, and is 99 percent of people. They do nothing, are lazy and just cannot work enough to go anywhere.

The majority of people give the minimal amount of work needed in return for their pay, my proof is this:

I know that 90 percent of the people reading this blog post are at work, on the clock, surfing the internet when they are supposed to e working.

Value is a proportion.

Price of a room opposed to all the benefits and services provided.

A person will never and should never want to live their lives in Hotel rooms. The only good value is a five dollar room, after that the tradeoff in dollars is rotten, the more I pay, the worst the value. Truly, the best hotel room is five dollar, and I go and purchase all the benefits I need.

The present room is 15 dollars over-priced due to the fact I am in Antigua, a full on, very little to offer, very little inherent value city, sort of fun to look at for about a day, but only people who live here are more or less born, or need to show off their pride of owning something.

I truly do not understand the tourist industry, I do not understand why people buy SUV’s or Cars so big, Houses so large, everything whopper size, they even need Viagra and Cialis to prove something.

A great value is hard to find, a value where I pay 1 dollar and have no doubt in my mind it was worth the money. I have rented rooms for three dollars and I was positive the value was good.

I think many people know, saying to themselves.
“I was paid a lot of money, and I did not give much in return of value, therefore the money is of little value.”

Really one of them seven sins purged the person of the money.

I am in this onerous, outrageously messy situation. I want to go visit Gabon, Cameroon, maybe Russia. I need cash to do this; my business makes 10 times more money if I have internet access in my room. A benefit or service that to me is of real value of about 3 dollars per day to a hotel room, however I continually have to pay 10 dollars per day to have this benefit.

I make a trade, I live in crap room, pay 10 dollars extra, whereby my business thrives. I purchase something of low value that helps me to optimize my happiness, however constantly annoyed because I am provided five dollars of value at a cost of 15.

I have told many a worker, you make me 100,000 dollars, I will pay you 90,000 of the money, that is until you decide to go work for yourself.

I have worked for myself most of my life.
20 to 52 years of age, this is 32 years of work.

I worked four of them years for a company, and 28 years I have been responsible for making my own money. I do not feel guilty when I walk by a bum, I know I made the money; nobody gave it to me….

I gave it up easier, the money when I was a Real Estate Broker, I knew that the true value of a sale was about 1500 dollars and the silly world had set up this percentage basis, whereby I got 5-7 percent, I would have sold any of them for the 1500 per sale.

Life is really,
“Money for nothing and he chicks for free.”

Governments and big businesses normally have to give a good value or they cannot accumulate wealth. When a business sells services to the government, whether road construction or army tanks, this is the way to sell low value for 10 times the prices.

I have seen people living in hotels for up to three months, these hotels are great values, making very hard to want to move out.

I have told many an owner, if the person only stayed one night in your tourist hotel, they think your hotel sucks. They are leaving to find a better place that is a better value.

The economics of the tourist industry is changing, I just cannot believe anybody would hang around in what is now the larger tourist cities like say Antigua, Bangkok, New York, Manila, Tokyo, etc when they can get on the internet and do a skip, pass it completely.

I really am working to bypass all these larger tourist cities completely; there is just about zero value in learning about big tourist cities.

I like money, but not purchase things; I only have a backpack full of worldly possessions. I am not living my life to watch possessions, it just seems to take too much maintenance to watch a house, or car, I am sloth, I will not give up 6 hours of work to have a car, I like people, I want to talk and enjoy the good people that are becoming increasing hard to find.

I try to dig deep into my memories, who in my life gave me a great value or bundle of benefits in return for the proper amount of money. I think mostly about Wal-Mart, Kmart, or sometimes McDonalds, not outside the USA, however inside.

The new world business somehow tries to convince us to buy low value for some seven deadly sin reason. I am not into sinning, just does not seem to give a good value for the buck.

I do not do things like feed readers a line of crap, make them feel guilty and expect them to pay. If a person reads my blog, they get something for nothing, it is free. I suppose they are tempted to buy something, but I try to warn them, not be sneaky,

I am trying to think about people, who in my life gave me money worth always, who sold me items and did not try to gouge me, I can think of a plumber.

A fair days wage for a fair day’s work, a great way to get that monkey off our backs, that goes by the name of guilt.

Dwelling on Economics of Square Rooms