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Drug Dealers Using Their Drug

2008-05-02 09:25:00

Drug Dealers Using Their Drug
There is justice on the planet when a suicide bomber blows themselves up…

There has been a trendy self-destructive trend happening in South America starting in Bolivia and Peru.

They are using their own Cocaine, I tend to think this is what they deserve, have their own children go nutty.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Friday, May 2, 2008
Andy of ---

Bob a good guy, seems to have the plot figured out these day, has made a good on the ground explanation of what is really happening in Mancora, Peru.

Try to understand, the epicenter of Coca Leaves is not Mancora, it is La Paz, Bolivia, he is very far from the true sources of large amounts of Cocaine. The Foreigners have taught Argentina, Chile, and other countries how to be Trendy, fashionable and do drugs, now Bolivia and Peru are becoming fashionable and trendy…

Bolivia has been profiting for 30-50 years from producing Coca Leaves, they now deserve to suffer from their dirty business.

Colombia is more or less the business manager of this business.

People like Chavez, that nut in Bolivia who is President, Che, Castro and other are wiling to abuse the poor to stay in power. Che got what he deserved, dead on arrival in Bolivia, soon Castro will go visit his maker in the bottom, not top, his partner in evil ways. The leaders of countries in the world often use their people as pawns. In the USA, Europe, the power of the small people is controlling, in the other parts of the world Chavez type have voice, and the small people have none, then silly trendy people agree with this dangerous nuts. I will be very glad for Cuba when Castro dies, I would pay to have Chavez assasinated, I really do not think the CIA has any huevos.

Drug Dealers Using Their Drug