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Chris my Friend of 7-10 Years with No Face

2008-05-01 08:25:00

Chris my Friend of 7-10 Years with No Face
Chris from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho will fly to Guatemala City on Saturday, one of my better friends on the Plane Earth. I have never met him, I do not know what he looks like, and I do not think he knows what I look like, however we are great friends.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, May 1, 2008
Andy of ---

This type of friendship is the greatest, we are two people who like to talk to each other, or more correctly we like to email each other, sometimes we talk on

I do not believe many people have friends in life that has nothing to do with status, money, fashion or looks. I think we both just like to talk about funky subjects like Solar, Electricity, Hot Springs, and Travel, and many other subjects.

I was once a handsome man of 23; I broke my femur, arm, and sternum in a motorcycle accident. I lost maybe 20 to 30 what I thought was friends, because I was then a cripple, one or two remained, the rest could not be bothered with the real me.

This experience with drinking problems and becoming well known as a Real Estate broker taught me the biggest lesson in life.

Find friends that like to talk with me, not friends who are impressed with who I am, if I succeed something resembling friends come and want to hang around, they may or may not be my friend. Funny though, failure finds more friends than success...

Nevertheless, a good friend just likes to hang around talking, what we are doing in second in priority, we like to discuss our world.

I am a lucky man, I know I have a few friends who like to listen to me, and I like to listen to them.

I see husband and wives who do anything to not have to listen to each other and think how sad this is, they are together for the wrong reasons.

My mother and father are usually in the same room, for 50 plus years they like to be close to each other, they can say anything they want, and I know they like to listen to each other.

I am very excited to hear what Chris has to say on Saturday and for about three weeks while he is in Guatemala or we wander to Costa Rica. Chris is a good friend, I have asked for 10 years for many friends who have known me for 30 years, they have not came to visit, but one I have never met in person is coming to visit.

Fame and money is just a fleeting pain in the butt, however true friends take time and listening.

This is not about doing something, life is knowing who we like to do things with, I know I will do something every day of my life, I search for friends to talk with while doing what I do.

The travel destination needs the hope of new friends.

Chris my Friend of 7-10 Years with No Face