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A Hobo Does Not Have to Live Like a Bum

2008-05-24 06:28:00

A Hobo Does Not Have to Live Like a Bum
There is no pride in living like a bum.

“Hobos differentiate themselves as travelers who are homeless and willing to do work, whereas a tramp travels but will not work and a bum does neither.”

I am for sure homeless…
I am for sure looking for cheap places to live.

I continuously rattle the cage on how to get good values, price has close to nothing to do with value, if it did, then renting a room would be easy. I cannot pay more and get a good room; it does not work that way. YOU cannot pay more and get the best room; it is not the way the world works.

Antigua, Guatemala
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I have had three people comment on the price I paid for rooms lately, these are friends and comrades, and they do not get it. I would pay 100 U.S. Dollars per night if I deemed that a good value, highly unlikely, yet possible.

A good value for a room is this, it is the price you would pay and not feel regrets if you lived there for three months, always saying to yourself, I got a good deal.

It is soul-searching process, a gut feeling, an idea that I got the best deal for the room, I got my moneys worth.

I have never and will never try to be a mooch, I do not try to take advantage of people, I do not try to live free. I pay my way, I do know this, and it is hard to say a 3-dollar room is a bad value; it is easy to see that most rooms over 3 are not good values.

However, there are tons or room on the planet from 0-15 that are good values, however when you get about that, it is touch and go.

Please reader, I try to ignore you, grow up, a good room is good value, what you pay is not the problem, this is your budget, a bum has no money, a Hobo will work and could easily pay, but a lot smarter than a tourist who could not find a good value if they had it sitting on their lap. I want people to be savvy, smart, think, open their brains and live the good life, not squandering their money, their time, and their lives.

I will live in any room, at any price, if it is a good value, not so easy to figure out, but if you keep it under 15 on planet earth, you probably are there.

A Hobo Does Not Have to Live Like a Bum