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A Blog is Not a Job

2008-05-01 15:12:00

A Blog is Not a Job
Do you know anyone that makes a living by blogging? I mean, do you have neighbor who owns a website, plus has money to buy a car.

I suspect you know a few people who make web sites for money, but I highly doubt you know any neighbor or friend who makes money by owning am internet site.

If you took 50,000 web sites or blogs, you will only find one that makes over 10 dollars per day.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008
Andy of ---

I am annoyed, I use to call hosting companies, business owners etc, and they seem to say,
“Why are you calling me about your hobby?”

The truth is this; most hosting companies have never seen a successful web site that truly did well. The do not take me serious, you do not need three servers.

I am cracking up, laughing… I am going to do a Press Release, a way to promote my website, help me and boy geniuses make money.

A Press Release representative more or less said,
- I have never heard of you.-

I am thinking to myselfe, this is why will do a press release, to tell those nice people who really do not understand the web and hopefully are not on 24/7.

What we want is free advertising, we do not want to pay to advertise, and we want to announce what is news, hope newspaper pick up and we get press.

Fun stuff and really crazy, I am going to do one on our 6.5 Million page hotel site that will one day have every hotel on the planet. That one is a little boring, but the only site I know that is trying to collect every hotel or traveler room on the planet. New, this is New

The other, I guess I can tell the world I have positive I have traveled for 10 years continuously, I have not lived in any one place for longer than three months.
New, this is New

I know many people who have lived outside the USA for 10 years; I do not know anybody who truly has traveled outside their home country for 10 years. I know many who work as teachers, live, work, travel intermittently, or more common. They go home, work, and return to travel.

There are tons of games being played with travelers.

Now, who really cares if I traveled for 10 years, not really a big deal? However, I truly earn more money per year now; I am becoming a richer hobo by not going home.

Here is a hint, when a person is back in their home country, or stays to long, or just does not seem to leave, it may mean they are not really traveling.

However, I can say, I have a job, I blog.
I can say, I have an internet page and I make money.
I am a hobo because I travel from place to place in a way searching for a job or way to make a living.

A Hobo did not need to go home…

Understand this, I do not have a home, I have not lived anywhere for 10 years. My home is not Indiana; I have not lived there for 10 years. I do not say I do not have a home, because nobody believe me, they do not think that is possible.

This blog post is about me complaining, people really do not believe that a person can make a webpage and earn money.

Ironic coincidence, I just got an email about how to give me money before I had time to blog this, I will read and post.

A Blog is Not a Job