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You Can Bypass the Tourist Area Travel

You Can Bypass the Tourist Area Travel
I can see the future of tourism on planet earth, my view of the future is becoming 20/20.

I believe that 80 percent of all popular tourist areas will start to become Tourist Ghost Towns, former tourism boomtowns; however, the traveler and tourist will just bypass or say no to these in the future and go do what they want to do...

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Andy of ---

I tell hotels, I really do not care about your hotels, it is not the reason I came here. I want a Hotel that is close to what I want to see or experience.

This will change in the future, as normal people write and take the rosy colored glasses off and the truth is revealed. Presently in Panajachel, Guatemala on Lago Atitlan, there are some hotels made only for the tourist fools.

I can rent a furnished apartment for 180 US per month, with complete kitchen, cable TV, and Internet.

I am 100 percent sure, if I am going to pay over 15 US dollars per night for rooms in this area, they better start kissing my arse a lot better than what is now offered. Luxury is not about a room, it is about the people in the hotel, a stupid boy at the door, and a stupid girl from the outlying cities is clueless on how to treat anyone above a 3 dollar per night level.

What I hope happens in the future is the bed and breakfast type, small family hotels more or less put the five star types into proper priced type of business. Maybe you call this the boutique, however when I hear this word, I know they are being clever.

I believe soon the good people who run hotels will take over from the slumlord hotels.

Slumlords are difficult to find in the modern countries, they have trouble existing. I believe soon the slumlord hotels who extract the maximum amount of money from tourist for the least amount of actual value will have financial problems. I believe the great deals will surface because of the voice of the people.

Tourist and Travelers are becoming noisy, even the least well-informed internet person is finding ways to announce to the world terrible service. The global tourism market will soon bypass the tourist trap, slumlord hotels and go straight to the outlying great mom and pop types. The person will be fully aware of what the real cost of living in these cities should be.

I truly never want to hear,
- In the USA this cost .... this is not the USA, so very stupid.-
The average Joe, maybe Pedro in Guatemala makes 5 dollars per day.

A great room in Pana is less than 15 and starts at 3 US.
A good apartment starts at 100 per month and goes up to great for 300 per month.

This type of statement will one day reach the good but naïve tourist and they will stop purchasing the slumlord deals offered by travel agents and internet booking pages.

You Can Bypass the Tourist Area Travel