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Travel Business is Opposite Normal Business

2008-04-25 17:12:00

Travel Business is Opposite Normal Business
I sometimes forget I am experienced traveler. However, give me a few simple problems and soon I focus and use my hard earned and unusual skills.

The problem is this, the business culture in tourist areas works opposite of normal business culture. In a normal business, culture people learn and know where good services are provided. These businesses stay in business and the bad one go out of business.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Friday, April 25, 2008
Andy of ---

Would you take your clothes to a laundry business that is not even a laundry business in your home country, then watch this person take you clothes to another laundry next door that is really the laundry?

Would you buy from a store that says fresh bread, yet does not have an oven and the bread is hard stale, and old?

Would you buy a bus ticket, and then have the company take you to their competitions bus terminal?

This happens daily in large tourist areas.

There are many signs here in Panajachel, Guatemala for laundry, and I cannot even find a wash machine, dryer, or even a washwoman with a clothe line. I am looking for the source; I want to find the central wholesaler, who really does the laundry…

I found the master bakery, the shop that sells to all the others, and really does have fresh bread.

I think Universal something is the central supplier of shuttle vans in the city, it is amazing how many different prices travel agency offers and they seem to all use the same vans.

I found a man that actually cooked my eggs correct, this maybe the first time in 10 years I got what I asked for, it was amazing, he is Canadian, go figure… Normally, in the Latino world I go into the kitchen and help the cook to make my breakfast, it is the only way I know to get what I want.

I found two great grocery stores.

I asked a few travel agencies, how much is a plane ticket to Miami, Florida, USA, they did not have a clue, totally clueless business.

Miami, how can they call themselves a travel agency?

In a Tourist business culture the normal rules of how a business succeeds are not enforced, they can be in business and nobody every learns they are junk.

I think guidebooks should be clearer on how to list and help readers find the true wholesaler of services in tourism areas. Then again, maybe the person never knows, they only purchased one guidebook in their life; this person is not capable of reviewing a guidebook. My guess is I have purchased about 50, I never keep them, they weigh too much, and I just resell or leave.

Travel Business is Opposite Normal Business