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Run On of Panajachel Guatemala

2008-04-21 05:04:00

Run On of Panajachel Guatemala
I was intrigued by the words of one of the Managers of some Rooms in the village of San Pedro on Lago Atitlan, Guatemala yesterday.

- Panajachel Run On -

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Monday, April 21, 2008
Andy of ---

- Has had it Run On… -
- Is Run on -
- Tourism has had it Run. -

Tourism in Panajachel, Guatemala has had a good run, it is now in the wee hours of the morning and more or less is a has been, it was the place to go, now it is a run on…

San Pedro also will have its Run on Tourism soon she says.

Run on away from this place and onto the next.

Contrary to any Marketing the world promotes, most travel destinations, the majority of Tourism areas, for sure any type of trendy place to stay, live or get a hotel has only about 5-10 years of in the sun, and then the run is over.

There is first two parts to a tourist location.

1. The reason why we came…
Example: To study Spanish

2. The best neighborhood or area to live.
- This has little to do with the quality of the hotel, more to do with where all the fun is happening. Where everybody goes to look at each other, the place to be, the center.

Diehard Tourist Attractions have staying power, inherent reasons to live in a Hotel close to the tourist attraction. (The Statue of Liberty)

Resort type of locations burnout or have their run and then become the lair of those who pay too much to go to places that have lost the music.

Lago Atitlan in Guatemala has music, the song is half over, it is a very large lake, and there can be a few more runs before the fat lady sings, however this has maybe 10 more years and there will be too much of too many tourist, it will lose all purity.

The experience Guatemala will be run out here, the tourist in Guatemala cluster, creating places that are distinctly not Guatemala more the Bob Marley, Che eat your Veggies and enforce the new age politically correctness, more than the culture they think they are escaping.

In the end, all if Fashion and Trends, there are almost zero free thinkers who do their own thing, the majority do their own thing in big social groups. Well, I would say the do our own thing together has had it Run in Pana and San Marcos and San Pedro are also run out.

There are stages:

- A few Hotels and a few backpacker types hanging out.
- Every house gets in the act and starts renting rooms.
- Regular Hotels are built
- The tourist information office is built.
- Tour Packaged
- People go just to go because they have heard for years about the place and it is easy and sounds like an easy enough place.

I suppose in some really bad tourist area they become Ghost Towns the Run is over.

If there is a tourist information office, the run is over.

Run On of Panajachel Guatemala