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Reverend Wright Hijacks Obama Run for President

Reverend Wright Hijacks Obama Run for President
Obama, I make my living by using my Betazoid powers of empathy to feel the planet and make and give opinions and judgements.

People are easy, cultures are more complicated…

This Reverent Wright is trying to be the next Jesse Jackson, the nobody who wants to be somebody. Wright used the word Black in every other sentence, he is racist, nobody needs to use these labels that much.

Obama, you need to be politically savvy enough to put this guy in the trash quick, for sure you are being judged by who is your friends.

So what do I think in 30 seconds listening to Reverend Wright on CNN by accident?

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Monday, April 28, 2008
Andy of ---

A Betazoid can feel evil, it is too easy with this guy, this Wright guy has only his persona agenda, he is hijacking any good will of Obama and trashing it faster than imaginable for his own evil desire to do his self-promotion, nothing for Obama, nothing for God, only for the division of man.

Confusion is the Devils best friend.

Obama, you are young, naïve, and I think ok, not great.

I would love to have a black President, anything to get the blacks in the USA to stop complaining they have no power. (Look to Colin Powell for support... a truly great man.)

Same for women…

They will not be happy until they have control, then we can have a fair fight and not this race card, trump card crap, this is the heart of racism, to use a crap excuse.

Reverend Wright Hijacks Obama Run for President