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Retirement Needs a Plan

Retirement Needs a Plan
I read, I get annoyed, and do not understand the plot, and after 10 years of travel, I am sure people retiring do not understand the nature of living or traveling in other country.

Are the majority of Americans as stupid as is appears? Europeans are in worst shape, so no point in talking....

It is wildly difficult to retire in Ecuador, Retire in Costa Rica, Retire in the Buzz of Panama, Retire in Thailand, Retire in Spain, Retire anywhere but in your home country.

This retirement needs a plan; I cannot imagine Retiring in any country other than my own…. But… but… but…

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Monday, April 28, 2008
Andy of ---

I can retire and go live, I refuse to buy, it just never makes sense.

Can you give up this ridiculous idea of buying other countries problems, the average American just is not up to the job of investing in land in other countries, this is incredibly risky, about the same as being a day trader.

I was a real Estate Broker, Real Estate Instructor for Broker, I purchased over 60 residential or commercial property, I sold two properties per week.

Every time I hear the words,
- Retire in Panama, -

I know what this means to a USA citizen, they are going to Panama to invest in land or buy a stupid home in Panama.

The smart plans is this, go and live in Panama for a couple of years, then maybe think about.. NOT, no buying, still a bad deal. Get on the internet and look at all the foreighners trying to sell property on the net, the reason is simple, they cannot sell to people who live in the country, they need a sucker on the net.

I am astounded here in Panajachel and Antigua, Guatemala, I had an American say he wanted to sell his commercial property for 300,000 US dollars, for a commercial real Hotel property to sell for 300,000 dollars, he needs to collect about 6000 to 9000 dollar per month in room rents.

I did the math, the real actualized value of the property is at best in cap sense about 125,000, and in a bad location for that.

The delusional values of property, the buying of property on the planet of property priced at get rich dream to get them prices is scary.

The planet cannot do this; we need a depression just to correct this mess.

Plan to go live for a couple of years, is penis envy so bad that you have to prove you can buy Quetzals in Guatemala, or Thai Baht in Thailand.

Retirement Needs a Plan