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People Dream of Traveling the Planet

2008-04-19 06:38:00

People Dream of Traveling the Planet
There is a feeling that invades my body; it is a daily continuous surge of nerves. I made idle, easy for me comments about Guatemala, West Africa, Thailand or my trip to Iraq, and then I can feel the reader saying to me… very loud, and in my brain.

- Yea, Ok, sure... good for you, but how can I travel; I do not have the money. -

I have found for sure one possible way for you to travel, and work your way around the world if you can upload photos, and write the captions.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Saturday, April 19, 2008
Andy of ---

A Hobo traveled from place to place cheaply to find work, it was a need, not a want, there was no work, so they left home in search of work. For many I assume it was an excuse to escape the responsibility of family, home and life in general.

For the responsible person, the honest person, the idea of being a bum is repulsive, for me it is repulsive, I am not a bum, I am a person that believes in hard work, and the reward of money or something in return.

I know people dream of Traveling the planet, and I am extremely excited and enthused that we have finally found a way to share this dream with others. Maybe two months ago I think I wrote Wade about how to trade a webpage for a Hotel Room. 80 percent of my budget is the Hotel Room, eating can be very cheap if you cook food, eat at the market and you do not need to fly to places, slow land travel works fine if you are really wanting to meet the people of the planet.

For the first couple of years of my travel, I made small hotel web sites in exchange for a hotel room. There was a problem here, I would put on and if no action they would delete, the owner was not capable of updating simply. What I was done was too complicated for the average person, and the owners were never capable.

The pages were good, but the value of the page had a period, maybe three years and the pages lost relevancy.

What happened the other day, Wade of blog unexpectedly traded with a Hotel the uploading of 50 photos to for a free room. He only asked for two days, but he got the two days he requested.

I think this is the first time he tried. Now Wade is not a natural born sell-snow-to-Eskimos type of person, he is rather shy, talks quiet, is honest, however is not a normal type person. Tattoos on his body, beard, he is his own man, he is who he wants to be. He like himself, this is what people strive for in life. I will admit, he did something with his ears that I personally think needs plastic surgery.

Wade is a good person, and has a great story I keep encouraging him to write about, he more or less funds a lot of his travels by School Grants, Working on School stuff and doing some remote school study. He needs space until his writing skills funds his travels.

He made a page for a Hotel, traded the work for a free room. Most hotels have a few extra rooms; this cost them close to nothing and truly helps the Hotel. Moreover, it is easy to transfer to the owner, and the owner can make money. In addition, the pages are SEO close to perfect, they truly are designed to help the owner, and we will make about 80 cents per year, maybe more someday, but for the most part 80 cents per year.

The problem for a Guatemala Hotel, an Asian, and an African and American hotel is this. They do not take digital pictures; they do not want to learn about the internet, they just want to rent rooms. Therefore, they want to hire a person to make a webpage and make money, sadly most Web People do not make money or have a clue. I have a great clue, I know how to do this, and I make more money than I need to travel from the Internet.

We make the page for the owner that puts the owner in a good box that forces the page to be relevant and indexed by search engines.

If you are looking for a way to fund your travels, look at the page Wade uploaded and created. Ask yourself,
- How much is this worth? -

How many free days in a hotel would an owner give you for taking 50 photos, soon you can upload videos, just make a great advertisement for the hotel?


Note, I do not believe a person should recommend hotels, I do not think you should take over responsibility for maintenance. I think you can give the hotel a great start, and then transfer to the owner. We almost will require the permission to change to the owner.

It cost a person about 6000 to 8000 US per year to travel, this methodology can reduce the out of pocket or savings by 80 percent to about 1200 to 1600 U.S. Dollars. Now do not just get anal here, there is so many personal needs and variables for a person, there are people who need 20,000 to live because the drink and buy women, but for the average willing to sacrifice and learn to travel person this is a path to living on the road.

The greatest part is you do not have to worry about the page being deleted by or or because you did not pay for your domain and hosting. We are a business, we are viable, we make money, our income exceeds the overhead, we can continuously plow 70 percent or more of the income back into the pages, it is monetized correctly.

Think about it, I know someone out there wants to find a way to travel the world, a life less normal.

I will develop complete checklist, a whole book on how to do this, I know it works. I did if for two years, and this is ten times better and easier than what I did, it is a solution to the question.

How do I have money to travel the world?

People Dream of Traveling the Planet