Paying 20 US Dollars Per Night for Hotel

2008-04-12 15:24:00

Paying 20 US Dollars Per Night for Hotel
I am the King of the Five dollar Hotel; I thrive on Five dollar Hotels of the planet, and cringe when I pay Ten dollars, knowing this is an expensive room on Planet Earth.

I was having a good laugh at myself today when I told an English girl that I was paying 20 U.S.A. Dollars per night for Hotel Room. (150 Q) I then here this older couple in the back say,
“Wow, that is a lot.”

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Saturday, April 12, 2008
Andy of ---

I was quizzing an English-speaking person, who lived in an apartment close to me; I am guessing she pays about Five Dollars per day or less, maybe less. She has been hanging out in Pana and is working in used bookstore; I thought maybe she had a clue about Wireless Internet. Well, no luck on WIFI.

She was said she had a hangover, however was able to tell me the whole scoop on every English Speaking AA meeting on the lake. It is an extremely populated expats community that has AA meeting in English so is rare, I have only seen in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Back on subject, I am paying 20 U.S. Dollars per night, WIFI, Free Breakfast, Color TV, Cable, Fridge, Hot Water, Private Bath and best of all it is quiet.

What has happened to Hobo, well nothing really, I am pragmatic person, I get done what needs to be done. I have to admit,
- I have a business. -
- The business is two large Internet Web Sites.- and

The glue that makes them work is the internet, the deeper I stick my hand in the glue, up to my elbows if possible, the better these pages advance to funding travel trips like buying a sailboat, or being a ski bum in Switzerland.

I have not problem with money, give me as much as you like, I will spend without remorse. I would stay in any place that is fun and works; normally a five-dollar hotel works best for me, and seldom more than ten dollars. To pay 20 it has to have internet in my room, my production goes up 300 percent when I have it in my room.

There is no pride in going cheap, there is no pride in paying a lot, there is pride in getting a good value, and I am presently paying about five dollars more than what I would say is a great value. I am paying 10 dollar more than needed to get the same at Marios Room, I just am paying the 10 dollars to deal with the cultural difficulty making things work, some hotels work easy, and other you have to push. I do not feel like pushing to get what I pay for, I just want to work.

300 percent increase in production, the leverage of the time I actually work, I like to walk around, enjoy life.

I was laughing at myself; it is normally me saying,
- Wow, you are paying 20 Dollars that is a lot. -

It is a lot, I can get great room here in this city and maybe more culturally fun for Five Dollars, my present hotel s more like Chubby American place to hide hotel, but it is very clean, nice and pleasant in a Chubby American Hideout, it is a great hotel.

I really miss the Mayan girls cleaning the hotel, cannot seem to find them…

I think maybe 20-25 Dollars is about my upper limit of price on the planet, I do not care if I am in Europe, America, anywhere, after 20-25 Dollars I feel a little cheated, I just do not see that one room in a building should rent for 750 dollars per month.

25 x 30= 750

I was trying to tell a person in Mexico who wanted 75 Dollars per night, this is nuts.

2250 a month rent for a concrete room is nuts, I should hope I could get a furnished apartment with Bikinis around the pool for that with extras.

The bottom line is this, over about 750 US Dollars per month and I would say the monthly rent on a global basis is nuts.

I am 100 percent, fully cognizant, full aware, I can rent room around Lago Atitlan for the month for around 150 per month, and it is the business, which causes a problem. How do I get internet installed…

I cannot be bothered…

Too funny, a bunch of bags with wheels is presently entering the hotel, I always wonder why the cheap hotels have Guapa Chicas and the expensive ones have Big Bags with Wheels, I like the Wheels, I do not like the Big Bags.

Paying 20 US Dollars Per Night for Hotel

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