Our Baby HoboHideOut.com Took First Step

2008-04-13 06:35:00

Our Baby HoboHideOut.com Took First Step
Yesterday, HoboHideOut.com an Encyclopedia of Traveler Rooms achieved a daily average of 1000 unique visitors or sessions per day. (Not hits 45,000)

An internet site is like a baby; however, sadly most never grow to maturity, just languor in obscurity because they are invisible.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Sunday, April 13, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I am very proud of Andrew, Boy Genius from India, the coder and part owner of the site; he has really wrapped his mind around this site. A couple of days ago he said,
- SEO is fun. -

SEO is Search Engine Optimization

To say SEO is fun was almost as important as getting to the 1000 daily average. We make internet pages for the search engines, when the search engines like Google.com, Yahoo.com, Ask.cm or MSN.com like the site, or the site is optimized for the love of Google.com. Then the search engines reward us by indexing our site.
Ambition creates the goals, and then time spent on project is the price we pay, like working on a puzzle with half the pieces hidden or lost.

A Football coach would scream,
- Winning is not everything; it is the only thing. -

The only thing that measures success of web site is the number of unique visitors on the site, this is the only thing. After the users find, then helping them become important, impossible to help a reader that never find you...

I estimate there are around 14 Million Cites, Towns, or Populated places on the planet, we only presently have record of about 7 millions, so half done.

I estimate there are around 30 to 40 millions places a weary traveler can sleep at night, whether Hotels, Home Stays, Hostels or a cot in back room, maybe a tent on beach.

There are about 252 something close to being called countries on the planet and another 50-90 other things, whether protectorate, islands or independent populated ethnic groups.

When a web site brags about 190 countries or 170, this is humorous and not ambitious, 40,000 hotels listed is ignoring all of them.

I think maybe a person can say a site starts to walk around 10,000 unique visitors per day.

I only know of one easy way to evaluate a website, this is a web site called http://www.alexa.com/ Compare your site against others, and see if you compare, hehehe

What does this have to do with Travel or even the words Travel Writing, well what is the point of talking if nobody is listening. I know people say they blog or make web sites for themselves, friends and family. Crap…

People who write want to be read, the more people reading the happier they are…

People who make internet pages want people on them, the more people who visit the happier they are…

A Travel Site wants to help people travel, but first there has to be some people on the site to listen, this is what 1000 Unique Visitors means, there was 1000, people we had listening yesterday. A travel site is about sharing information with other travelers or tourist.

People who put their photos on page wants you to look at them, the more people who look, the happier they are… maybe the more famous.

When a person admits and is proud of their goals in life, they have taken the first step to achieving their goals. To work towards and unclear goal is dysfunctional and hiding from yourself.

I like a good game, a good challenge, there is no competition with others, and the only competition is with myself. I truly want to be the master of my own universe. When I can say I am expert, the master of a trade, idea, concept, then my self-esteem has a good solid foundation, I have not built on the sands of failure.

All this is rather simple, find that with is much better than you, and follow until you know how they do it, then improve and shift into passing gear, copy the best.

Our Baby HoboHideOut.com Took First Step

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