One Key Person Makes Hotel WIFI Work

2008-04-11 10:14:00

One Key Person Makes Hotel WIFI Work
Wireless Internet connections between my computer and the internet, that little mysterious wavy thing that goes through air works in Hotels rooms when one person is involved.

When the owner or manager uses it also…

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Friday, April 11, 2008
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Wireless or WIFI in Hotels is at best iffy, nothing is sure, to truly have internet in my room whereby I can work, I need to have about three hotels in any area that have WIFI, then be willing to move when one the owners or managers does not work.

Wireless internet has this router, it sends out the signal to my computer that gives me the connection.

I think maybe best to describe WIFI,
- Do not touch it or it will break. -

If the person in the Hotel that is in charge of the Internet connection, plus actually uses the WIFI connection this optimizes my chances. It this person get out of the way and allows me to help maintain the uptime signals, I may also maintain a connection.

The majority of people are control freaks, they say 24 hour connections, however if there is a problem, we will get around to repair it when we wish too, not when I want to work. I do not think they understand the phrase 24 Hours.

When I buy Hosting, they will lie and say things like 99.9 percent uptime, the site is suppose to up 99.9 percent of the time, the truth is they have no idea, this just sounds good.

WIFI in hotels is maybe 30 percent uptime, if I enter three hotels only one in three will work.

Price of the room is everything, a person who pays 100 U.S. Dollars per night is not living in a city, they are on a business trip or vacation. This is not a Mobile Office, it is working or living for a few days in another location.

Maybe the use of my words is wrong, maybe when I say Mobile Office, I should be saying something else. A small business is not going to pay 100-150 U.S. per day for a one-person office. When a person goes and travels and pays 100 U.S. Dollars per night for a Hotel room to have an Internet connection. They are paying 3000 Dollars per month to rent the office.

The price of the room does not guarantee a connection, I continuously learn I need to search for a person, a manager or owner that has WIFI in his or her hotel that they wish to use. The owners rarely care if I have a connection, however they do want to have the connection for themselves. Many time the sons or daughters want to have a connection and have influence on the owner.

One Key Person Makes Hotel WIFI Work

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