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Never Trust a Hotel Clock

2008-04-10 03:18:00

Never Trust a Hotel Clock
Never trust a hotel clock, and you can never find a clock in an airport, not that time has any meaning in the Latino World.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I was leaving Antigua, Guatemala the other day, packing up my bags, semi-waiting for the shuttle to Panajachel. I was just outside my room, I looked down at this clock. 6:30, oops, I am early, I go back in and check my alarm clock, no it is on 7:00, however, I know it is best to check. I go to the front desk area, and look at the clock below.

Not a good picture, however this clock is closer to correct. I have learned though, I must be the keeper of good time. Sometimes it takes a few days to decide what is the correct time. I must have about three clocks concurrently agree, this is often a task in the Latino world to find a clock. Nobody is ever on time anyway, why would they need a clock, being on time is the lowest priority with Latino and they deserve the small amount of money they make.

The default clock has become the cell phone or mobile phone, strangely this accidentally carrying of the time, the keeping of time, the knowledge of time has made being on time more normal. The holder of Mobile Phones like to play with their phone and look at this gadget, their minds are captivated by the toy, I wish was a tool, they would make use less.

The travel tip here is a person must be their own keeper of time, they must also collaborate and triple check the time before they trust they are correct. I keep the time on my computer correct, and also the alarm clock, sometimes I keep my cell phone correct, however it a tool and I do not always need this tool, I go whole countries without a need for the cell phone.

People missing planes, trains, shuttles, buses, camels, and all the other forms of transportation is an amusing think to watch.

Human Nature fumbling the ball...

It baffles me how a person can live 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 60 etc, years and not learn to judge time. When they say, I was showering, I think, hmmm

- You are age 35, and you have not learned how to shower, and how long it takes? -

I think more they are selfish, think the world revolves around him or her.

Never Trust a Hotel Clock

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