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Multi-City Stopover Plane Air Ticket

Multi-City Stopover Plane Air Ticket
An air ticket from Guatemala to New York City, stay three days…then New York to Lima, Peru is cheaper at 693 US Dollars.
Guatemala to Lima, Peru for 747 US Dollars.

I have been doing this now for about three years, I call them stopover tickets, I find the direct plane trip is often the most expensive. What I look for is the highly competitive milk air route, not what seems short and logical.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Sunday, April 27, 2008
Andy of ---

I often get a short taste the city or country vacation before I eat it. It is amazing how often I can have a small trip for kicks, and save money on plane tickets.

I can also fly to Chicago for 693, and then onto Lima, Peru, I am on doing this query.

Getting the cheap air ticket is strange, the distance, the direct route is often the most expensive, it is almost always cheaper to go the high traffic routes. I keep trying to construct a map of all the best airplane paths to follow.

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How much to pay.
Get on this page, calculate the miles, then multiply times .10 to .20 cents US per mile.

2057 Mile from Guatemala to Lima, Peru
2057 x .10 is… 205 Dollars
2057 x .20 is… 411 Dollars

When the local travel agencies wanted 745 for this trip, I new I was on a gouge the traveler or tourist route, milk them, not a not a milk route, time to look for the indirect stopover milk route.

Multi-City Stopover Plane Air Ticket