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Mirador Basin Cradle of Mayan Culture

2008-04-17 06:15:00

Mirador Basin Cradle of Mayan Culture
Water, there was a time way BC, before Christ, when living was simple, we as humans lived close to water. The more I travel, I know Water is the sticky glue that weaves history together. If I follow the rivers and lakes, I will find the history of people.

Hard to say, I think personally think the Mayan culture to number one on my list of Ancient Cultures, topping the Egyptian Pyramids. Of the two culture the Mayan culture, a sort of slave, feudal societies, where a King is a God dominates.

Remove the tourism, what is real?

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, April 17, 2008
Andy of ---

Here is a map of what I feel may be the birthplace of the Mayan culture.

Then if you go to read on this page, it has all the clues you need, the water that glues the Mayan History together.

To take a comparative view of world class Archeology sites, following the clues using the glue called water is a good start, I say, go and follow the clues, it is good fun.

Machu Picchu is ho hum
Angkor Wat is petty

Brugge Belgium need to be thought about...

The Egyptian Pyramids is a player, but small in comparision to the Mayan.

Culture, Water, Language groups, Religions, this is the big picture, it is how the world works.

Mirador Basin Cradle of Mayan Culture