Map of Panajachel and Lago Atitlan

Map of Panajachel and Lago Atitlan
I am wanting to take a small truck tour around the Lake called Lago Atitlan, I have been searching this morning for maps. The best so far is on this page:

Map of Lago Atitlan - Cities around the lake

Small Truck Tour: The public transportation of the Mayan locals, a truly great experience to jump in the back of a small truck with the real people who live on this lake.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, April 10, 2008
Andy of ---

I am working to learn the difference between Google Maps, Google Earth and how to put these maps on the blog while flying low.

I think that is a Metaphor on how I travel…hehehe

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There is a map above, if you do not see it, then you are probably reading by email. Click here to see:
Map of Lago Atitlan

Map of Panajachel and Lago Atitlan

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