I Have Decided Hobo is Retired

I Have Decided Hobo is Retired
Do not panic, nothing is changing; I am not retiring from anything. I now must accept, I am a retired person.

Just recently, I heard an America named Richard say,
- I have to go work. -

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I do not say these words, I cannot remember the last time I stopped anybody in their tracks, left them saying to the person.
- I am sorry, I must go, I have to go work. -

This is not part of my life.

I do projects, play around, I work on the site, I blog, I write, I start a new project, I just do about anything that comes to mind. The word need is used sparingly, and almost never with the aspect to my time involved, I have time for about anything I wish to do. I do not need money, I do not need more money, I like extra cash to travel as Freedom Insurance, I do not want be put in a box because of small budget, the more money the merrier, but the I do not need to go work in a box.

I have decided I am more retired than almost anybody I know that works; I am for sure more retired than most retired people are. I am a Hobo Duckā€¦

I quack like a retired person.
My day is like a retired person.
I have set incomes like a retired person.
I sound more retired than a retired person does.
I am a retired Hobo.
I am Andy, I am Retired.

I really like to apply the correct labels or tags to myself, I feel somewhat stupid when people ask me,
- Are you retired? -

For the last few months or year, I have been saying,
- I am not sure. -

I met some retired people who worked much more than me, and I was having this congruency problem, dissonance personified.

I Have Decided Hobo is Retired