How the World News Media Works

2008-04-14 05:03:00

How the World News Media Works
How the world works?

How does the global news media work?

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- The news media refers to the section of the mass media that focuses on presenting current news to the public. These include print media (newspapers, magazines); broadcast media (radio stations, television stations, television networks), and increasingly Internet-based media (World Wide Web pages, weblogs).-

This is my explanation of how the world works, I am not a journalist, I am just a guy that observes the world from the seat of bus on many continents. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, my web site is the subject of a few journalist around the planet, I say fortunately when they write good gossip and unfortunately when they report bad gossip. (The more people whether for good of bad reasons on the site, the more money I make.)

I am fully aware that bad gossip would make me more money, but to promote bad gossip is some type of Black Hat Marketing, I am one of the good guy types, so I try to minimize the Black Hat Crap that dominates the main-stream, what you cannot avoid News Media and try to go towards listening to serious journalist when I can find one.

Gossip is idle talk or rumor, and facts or data are more things that stand alone, saying things like,
- The President of the USA is in Washington March 1, 2008. -

Black Hat is more a person explanation explaining why a person is in a place, when they are not even that person...
- The President thinks and wants .. etc -

Whether the Black Hat Crap News or the White Hat What is Up News, they both work in my view this way…

One person or maybe groups of people witness news worthy sellable event, or they receive a press release. You have this eyewitness news group, hokey to use this phrase of eyewitness because there are so few eye witnesses.

However, the is the first person to witness the news, you really cannot make up real news, but the truth is maybe about 90 percent is made up, the editor or journalist comes up with an idea of a story, then they go searching for people to interview who would support their story. They take photos, report on what they want to make as news, but this is more Black Hat Crap, they lead the witness, it did not happen, they search for the reports that would support their story agenda.

The graphic above is about a spin, I suspect more of a White Hat type, being I do not read Chinese who knows…

This is what happened, Joe Sharkey of the New York Times I believe talked with asking about what he reads, gave my newsletter as a lead. Then these people, maybe journalist in China read in English and go report in the Chinese language.

The problem is second, third, fourth hand spin of information, trying to put their personal spin on it.

The way I can tell news is Black Hat Crap News is when there are no references to the original pivotal start of the information. I am 100 percent positive Travel Journalist mine my blog, they do not comment, they do not reference, they just need real information because they do not travel.

When a person is in their office, when they are at the TV studio, think, they are not Travelers, and impossible to report on Travel, as they are not traveling, they are reporting what they heard, read, think is true.

There is a natural inclination to make a story better than it really was, a good story if fun to hear and read. I am for the most part a boring person, I get up at 5:00 am, type on my computer, watch too many movies and read a many books, and my life is boring in many ways.

The last few days I have been getting these small you should lectures from the Americans Tourist around me, there is this to see, there is that to see.

How the World News Media Works?

Maybe 1 person is the first hand, closest to the news story person, then the news gossip mill starts the spin, out flies bigger and better, more elaborate sensationalist stories as it propagates the planet. When there is no oversight, no way to check, say for example a story about Africa, then the story can be total hogwash. You see a lot of the big name talking heads talking about the story nobody can afford to write, or they think they cannot afford to write.

Maybe they do the same as the Chinese people above, the English Journalist goes and reads in French, then reports what the Frenchies are saying and making it their own words, giving no credit the original ground zero report.

The race began at the ground zero report, and each successive wanna be somebody writer tries to make a silk purse story out of a cows ear.
What is hard for me to understand, why people do not get up out of their offices and go walk this very small planet, it now is becoming too easy, they could be one of the persons at ground zero of the story and wear a White Hat News reporter everyone copies from, not the Black Hat trying to claim the story.

I speak Spanish, and French, if I knew Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, maybe German, but not so important, I could mix it up with the best of them.

How many levels of separation is your favorite journalist away from the ground zero, White Hat story.

I have told many a person who wants to get famous, when you are traveling, got over a year under you belt, life is too easy. Just walk into a Newspaper office, hand them a few good photos, maybe some negatives, a biography, tell them some stories, hand them a ready to go written story and what do they have to lose. They need that one story per day to make it look like they are working hard, you give it to them, and they will be the first ground zero story about Yankee in King Arthur Court.

How the World News Media Works?

Simple, one person writes it, and everybody copies with a new twist, the world loves gossip.

Read this:
It says they are searching for CLUES, look for he word clue.

How the World News Media Works

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