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Hotel Fan in Eyes Travel Tip

2008-04-03 09:54:00

Hotel Fan in Eyes Travel Tip
I have a couple of photos to explain how a fan can blow in your eyes for 8 hours of sleep, or lying around in bed watching television in the Hotel. Next thing you know, your eyes are hurting, dry, in pain, and you have to know the cause, it is the fan.

Antigua, Guatemala.
One hour from Guatemala City
Thursday, April 3, 2008
Andy of ---

This is the bed, the fan is a swing fan, IF the fan was mounted on the wall behind the head of the bed, and the fan would blow on my feet or lower body. However, because mounted on the side, it points directly at my face. Well, when I am really hot, an instant sense of relief, but over eight hours of sleep, I am in pain, my eyes dry out, and I start to have some misery. Watching television in the room becomes a pain.

I have tied up the fan so it point more at my feet, short of remounting on the wall, it is still not good. Truly, hotels do not think about all the needs of people, that is why you like your five star hotels for about 10 times the prices. I just choose rooms well and it solves some of these problems, but not always.

Second part of this solution to dry eyes was for me to buy some goggles that look like eyeglasses, inside these glasses are clear lens, big, wide, fat lens, I can see easy, but covers my eyes.

In the end, this room has some problems. A floor fan is usually the best, because when really hot, I can point at my face and head to cool off fast, and then point at my lower body to sleep.

The overhead fan is usually a need for goggle fan, you know, the center of the room, above you head shown in all the tropical movies type.

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Hotel Fan in Eyes Travel Tip