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2008-04-10 03:13:00

Many a parent must think to himself or herself,
- I can teach my children better myself. -

I often think,
- I can teach myself better... than a professor. -

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Andy of ---

I feel myself to be a student of the world. I study this phenomenon called life; I do not need a teacher or professor. I need books, or maybe I need reference books. the online Encyclopedia has been a great source of knowledge.
- It is not possible for a teacher to know all the information in an Encyclopedia. -

Home schooling of myself is all I got, there is no other choice, and I must conduct school at my present home. I think teachers and professors misrepresent themselves, they truly believe they teach.

I truly believe when the student arrives, the teacher appears, the teacher is always ready and waiting, then when the student is ready to learn, somehow the knowledge appears in an ironic way available.

The falsehood is that we need a teacher; this to me is a dysfunctional belief system that we cannot learn until a person is involved. There is no need for people; there is a need for student that has decided to learn.

Research needs new ideas, objectivity; the synergy of two people does sometimes make three people. However, this is putting to brilliant people together, not one mediocre teacher and a brilliant student, but any combination that includes two brilliant people.

Now, I suppose a lot more people believe themselves brilliant than really exist on the planet.