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Guatemala Tourist Bubble Inflation

2008-04-01 08:34:00

Guatemala Tourist Bubble Inflation
Antigua, Guatemala is a bubble; I feel there is some abnormal pricing going on in this city of the country.

The prices of specific items can be radically different, I feel sometimes this type of pricing is monopolistic in nature, this really concerns me as it make the locals too poor to purchase in their own city.

Antigua, Guatemala.
One hour from Guatemala City
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Andy of ---

Secondary problem is they consider some of the prices normal, whereby they will spend their whole day’s paycheck to be just a normal person.

I went into a Chicken Restaurant; purchased only a Chicken Breast, the cost was three dollars. The restaurant was full of locals, not tourist and I felt bad, and to purchase a complete meal would be about eight dollars U.S. I suspect there were young men in their with their girlfriends spending one days pay to show off that they can be somebody.

When locals feel obligated to compete with the Tourist Bubble Inflated prices, it causes an undue strain on their lives. I know that a person does not think, they just want to be somebody, to be in fashion, however when it goes up to some type of usury pricing or gouge, it feels monopolistic in nature.

Antigua is full of NGO or Missionaries, I wonder if they know how this desire to be the same or equal causes harm. Alternatively, worst yet is when they just claim to be poor and become beggars of goodwill.

I paid three dollars one time as a treat, but I refuse to pay a third of days wages for one chicken breast, in my terms of living this chicken breast cost 33 dollars.

I won’t pay the three dollars, because the locals than feel this acceptable pricing, then they pay the same to be equal, they do not earn the same as the tourist, so they should not be buying, but when many people are doing it, they think it is ok or normal.

I feel obligated to find the same priced food as they eat to not upset the local economics and enabling inflation.

The idea of the world is this, if you can get away with it, then why not?

Guatemala Tourist Bubble Inflation