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Guatemala Orphans

2008-04-26 13:57:00

Guatemala Orphans
For some nebulous reasons a child does not have parents, I guess you call these children orphans.

80 percent of countries we call under-developed have a simple solution to this problem, however, then what happens is the 20 percent of the countries called the developed world comes in an destroys the culture and the nuclear family.

Developed countries have already destroyed the nuclear family, destroyed the institution of marriage, and decided children are not loveable and of no use. The world is now exporting this destruction to the rest of the planet in the name of starting orphanages, mostly in countries where there are no orphans, they all have foster parents.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Saturday, April 26, 2008
Andy of ---

This is Santiago, he has a foster mother and father, they are very good people, they feed him, they clothe him and he has a family, maybe not the ideal, however a lot better than living in an orphanage.

This is how the world works, 80 percent of the planet, for a family to survive the children have daily chores, they must help in the family business, they are required to be of use, to have utility value. The family all pitches in and helps the family to pay for the expenses of life.

Being that every child works, contributes, and extra child is not an expense, it is an extra worker, a small worker who contributes to the overall wellness of the family.

Therefore, families in under-developed, the majority of countries are ready and willing to take other children into their families. A simple solution to orphans, because there really are none. I suppose the better solution is free condoms or stopping the imperialist desires of religions to conquer the world by having babies.

In the end, without a national retirement plan, the world will continue to have many babies because they need workers to help the family to survive, and to support them when they are old. Give them a retirement pension and the need for babies almost disappears

Having children or babies is not a want in under-developed countries, it is a need.

Coming to this countries and starting orphanage is just misguided middle class guilt people who never worked, and feel guilty because deep in their hearts they know they are the shits. They fell power by thinking they help people they perceive are bigger loser then them.

Being a Winner or Loser is not about money, it is about being a good person so you do not feel the monkey on your back from guilt of being a loser.

Guatemala Orphans