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Guatemala is a WIFI Hotel Leader

2008-04-08 12:31:00

Guatemala is a WIFI Hotel Leader
No games in Guatemala, they just give you free WIFI Internet, and make it work, not a hassle like most of the planet.

I again have free WIFI Internet in my Hotel or Posada here in Panajachel, and I am only paying 90 Quetzals per night. Near Lago Atitlan in the heart of Pana, no tourist grade Hotel, no pay through the nose prices, just good upper range of price, for the Backpackers, Hotel. Posada, Guesthouse, Rooms, not sure what to call these places in Guatemala, but they are great.

Hoping to get all the search word in this page so people who want Internet in their room can find it.
Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Andy of ---

I have traveler the planet and this is funny, I am finding free internet in my hotel too easily in Guatemala. After fighting to find a connection, or needing to pay 25 plus dollars a night in Asia, Guatemala is now a breath of fresh air in my life. The room is superb, just too nice, and I feel fresh, like the air is cleaner. On top of the world, a couple of Volcanoes, cheaper Chicken and funky, this place is nice. I feel at home, in my home away from home. I need to pack up some dollars, save some bucks; I need to raise enough travel money to go to Gabon, Cameroon in Africa, or on the upper train route of the Siberian Railway in Russia, either way, whether I go south into Africa or north into Russia, nice to keep my money running on full speed, not full stop.
One of these days, I want to go skiing in Switzerland and that would take a lives saving of backpacker money, so working and living in Guatemala is helping.

I surmise what is happening is this, there are tons of NGO, Missionaries and other assorted save the world people here in Guatemala. They want to save the world, not really go to desperate places, more or less live close to American standards or European standards and however somehow have place they are working on or in feel a little primitive. The Guatemalans are smart, they partner up with the Foreigners, give the proper tourist benefits, for a first world service package with the prices of normal cheap to travel countries.

NGO - ONG - Missionaries like to go, but heaven forbid they are not able to have good communications or benefits of home. They carry computer as if they are working hard. What is interesting it there is still a lot of backpacker here, the proper balance, and the Guatemalans have not gone over the edge on prices like Mexico.

There are some hotels though on the internet that are asking some crazy 120 dollars per night, this is nuts, just not needed, but when foreigner pay that in their home country, they somehow feel they need to pay that when traveling. I think most of them here are ran by foreigner when the prices are rather nuts in prices.

Mexicans abuse the Mexicans in the USA, and the Foreigners normally try to peg the Foreigners that come out.

Note, I put all the WIFI hotels on a page called:
Mobile Office

Guatemala is a WIFI Hotel Leader