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Did You Write Today Andy

2008-04-05 08:07:00

Did You Write Today Andy
Wade of is visiting here in Antigua, Guatemala with me, the other day he asked,
- Did you write today? -

Antigua, Guatemala.
One hour from Guatemala City
Saturday, April 5, 2008
Andy of ---

I am not clear why, just felt like a strange questions to me, I had to think for a moment and then said,
- Yes, I guess I blogged three times. -

I have almost no recollection or memory of writing blog post, it more or less is something I do, not think about, it is not writing to me, it is not an effort to think to write, it is more a response to my day.

The idea of calling it writing was weird in a way, but he is correct, it is writing, I suppose, but I am still not sure it feels like writing.

Never thought of posting these comments as writing… never had a person ask me if I wrote today.

This post here, tool less than three minutes to make and publish.

Did You Write Today Andy